Has your heart grown fonder?

After 6 months I am back…..well sort of. I vow to begin posting again.  Though not as frequently as I used to. I have been busy bidding more custom jobs lately and hope to have new work to show you very soon. In the meantime you can check out what I have gotten up on my Etsy store.


Etsy Store

This is the Image I used to create the banner for my Etsy Store. I orignally drew her with pen and paper and then mocked her up and colored her in Illustrator. I need to hone my AI skills or hire someone to trace out all my croquis. That or take a week off work and plow through them all. Live trace in CS5 doesn’t quite do the trick but again it may be a skill level issue.

I still have only a few things posted in my store. Again needing to find more time in my weekly schedule. But if there is an image you see on the blog that you want for a print or card please contact me. I would be glad to create one and post the item to the store for you.