Divinity (a poem)


I am building a Shrine

To my own divinity

Feet firmly on solid ground

Rooting into myself

I bear the weight of my undoing

Trust in my unknowing

Space surrounds me in time

speaking with a tongue remembered

Taste, touch the between

Take in your breath.

Inhaling these truths deep

Take your time in telling the tale

Sleep, eat, drink in the person who is yourself.

With sweet reverence

Fiercest wisdom coaxed

Be soft, tender, vulnerable

Wide open to hope

I lay naked

wings spread wide

towards bliss


there is nothing to gain in shying away from your soul.


Pay homage

It’s time to dance

It’s time to remember

Patterns of birth and being

Woven through ordinary days

Rediscovering truths

buried long ago for safe keeping

That ache

That longing

Melts into my bones

my frame built of knowledge

Wisdom spliced from genes

Battles spent

Rising from the ashes

Burning from the center of longing

a tremor deep inside beckons

the missing memories of

lessons learned

and learned

and learned

Its blissful ache

Called knowing

Black and White

the “I AM”

Yes, No

Stay, go

it’s all yours

This process of remembering

The whispered words from within

What you have always known

The collective wisdom of the cosmos has always been yours

Do you hear it?

The sultry voice of redemption

A heart decided

~by DCT


Sidenote: I want to give a nod to Jeanette LeBlanc  who says “shamelessly steal from those who inspire you and then use your own inimitable magic to mold their words into something entirely new”. Whose blog devoured sped me on this poetic course starting with her words build a shrine to your own divinity from her post Uncommon Sense: Romance Your Own Mystical Soul.