Curvaceous Croquis

Fashion Illustrations are traditionally elogated and thin. I love them that way lyrical in their twiggyness. But this representation of woman is just another thing to add to the ever present and running debate about fashion and women’s body images.  Company’s like Dove began campaigns featuring real woman with curves. As they state it , “a world were beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety”.

A few Months ago I drew a custom croquis for myself to scale. I am 6’1″ and a size 12-14. This is a tight 12, or loose 14. What I refer to as Tween, between sizes. I am sure many of you can relate. I would be just as happy as a 14 or 12.  I just wish my body knew which one it wanted to be.  It has never matter what size I am 8 or 20 I have always fallen bewteen sizes. Anyhoo…

The point being I began drawing a series of Plus size croquis inspired by two of my students at the time who were designing various lines for plus size women.

Then yesterday I discover a blog Girl with Curves and an article on Hot Curves for V Magazine.  I thought it was good time to share my DCT Curvaceous Croquis templates. But now I want to draw more Curvy Croquis and make them that much more Curvaceous.