The Weekend ~ 5/17/13 ~Creative Collaboration



First blush

There is possibility inherent

in this blank page

This canvas awaiting touch

Of pen and brush

Colors flush to life

An ancient love awakened

~by DCT


A good friend of mine has graced me with an opportunity to flex my creative muscles on a few of her projects. I am so grateful for the challenges. And I do mean challenges.

First off are character designs for her animated screen play concept. I hadn’t a clue where to begin. I had brief descriptions of her characters and plotline but that was it. I didn’t know how to create characters for animation. I needed guidance so I picked the brain of the only expert I knew for a little advice, direction on what to draw, industry standards etc. (Thank you K).

After which I mocked up some very rough sketches to see if how I envisioned the characters was in line with my friend’s creative vision. Let me just say in one short weekend I gained an enormous admiration for comic artists, animators, hell anyone who creates a character and draws and redraws them in the various episodes of the storyline. WOW!

Interestingly it sparked a conversation with my friend about her characters. I had envisioned them, well some of them, slightly differently then she had, particularly the main character. She explained what she saw and I explained why I came to my conclusions. This, interestingly enough, made her think.

There is something organic in the process of creative collaboration that I can’t get enough of. Each person adding a piece which blended together produces something new. It is the birth process, ultimately giving life to a new creation. Hopefully in this case an animated movie concept that the studios will love and produce. At which point someone far more skilled then I can take over animating the characters for the movie.

Next up, was coloring flat sketches for bag designs she and her business partner created for their new venture. This was a far more familiar task. I loved getting the colors set and textures defined. I even added a few creative suggestions of my own as well. I can’t seem to keep my two cents to myself. And admit I enjoy being a muse. Too bad it doesn’t pay full time.

I have also been writing a lot of poetry as of late; which I haven’t done since high school.  And thankfully have a friend (Ex English teacher) to collaborate, critique and edit my words. I can’t thank her enough. This creative collaboration has challenged me to think and rewrite again and again each time gaining strength and momentum till I end up with a piece I am proud of.

So this weekend I encourage you to put yourself out there, flex your creative muscles, and give birth to new creations. And if you are lucky enough to have fellow creative conspirators to play with… all the better. Inspire one another to greater heights and mold your inimitable magic into something new and unleash it unto the world.

Blast from This Blogs Past


The Weekend Reading List

  • Paris In Four Months ~ If you are a Francophile then this website will become an addiction.
  • Let Them Steal ~ Photographer David Duchemin tackles an interested debate about watermarks and protecting your work. After dedicating enormous time to watermarking everything I finally gave up. Now I fall in David’s camp.
  • What Fashion Owes Reality ~ Danielle Meder writes about walking the line between Aspiration and reality and the ever common debate of what constitutes Real Beauty. This gal has it all beauty, brains and talent. Check her out.


A Little Something Extra

Image: Equation by DCT, Poem: First blush by DCT