Rogue Illustration #10 ~ Dot


I often see this gal at the bakery I frequent in the mornings. Her bright orange rain coat caught my eye especially with her fabulous polka dot scarf. She only got her usual latte but I envisioned her heading home with a  few baguettes and tulips from the flower lady next store.

Rogue Illustration #8 ~ Pop Art

It has been months since I drew someone I saw out and about. My favorite subject is capturing a Moment in the life of……kind of thing. I could dedicate an entire blog to this as well. It would be the metaphorical love child of Garance Dore and the Satorialist.

I am a rogue Illustrator. I often madly take notes of each person I see using anything available at the time in my purse. I want to be able to capture them later. I have been known to surreptitiously snap shots with my IPhone to rememberwhat they are wearing. I really should carry my camera around with me and ask to take people’s photos. Like Lisa Warninger does in her blog Urban Weeds. Only mine would be illustrated Street Style. I could strike up a conversation with my subject and go from there. Then I might even be able to share a little bit about the people that catch my eye.

I came across this gal at Michael’s over the weekend. She was standing in line purchasing paint brushes and a sale pack of canvases. I wish I had talked to her, found out what she was creating. The site of her pink underlights and purple shoes laces was all it took. I finished my return, scribbled out the details and then went home to sketch her up.

Pop Art

Ha! I just renamed these posts Rogue Illustration. Here are my previous versions and there are more to come.

#7 To the Dogs, #6 Morning Prowl, #5 A Work in Progress, #4 My Morning Coffee,  #3 Tatiana & #2  Knuckle Punch (Colored here), #1 Aarrghhhh (Colored/Pencil)

To the Dogs

I met this gal the other day while grabbing lunch. As we stood in line waiting to order her campanion eagerly awaited her return outside. From time to time darting dangerous close to knocking down the sandwich board posting daily specials.

So of course I had to sketch her up. For me there is something so satisfying about drawing people I come across along my daily routine. Capturing a Moment in the life of……kind of thing.

After which I instantly flashed back to this editorial from Vogue Germany March 2010.

What is it about people and their pets? Do we chose a pet that reflects/speaks to our personality or after a while do we begin to look like our pets? Perhaps our pets begin to look like us. Regardless, this gal seemed friendly, energetic and fit, so maybe there is something to the theory. Like I shared in Nicknames I can live with the moniker “gentile giant” but No I won’t be going out to get a Great Dane. My dog was an Akita, tall and hairy.

A Work in Progress

This is another one of the coffee gals.  Her tattoo actually reads “A Constant work in progress” but my ability to write itty bitty cursive is not that good.

She told me she got the Chanel tattoo so when she dies she could guarantee she would be wearing Chanel. In real life there is  a quote from Emily Dickinson tattooed across her chest. I left it off this drawing. Maybe I’ll add  it  later.