Runway Beat #6

So this artist provides a plethora of options. I can’t say they are great for the runway since they move at a clip.  So it would take some stanima on the models part. Either way they were far to fun to pass up.  Here are a few ditties from Christina Aguilera.

CandyMan ~ Christina Aguilera

Show me How your Burlesque

Not myself Tonight ~Christina Aguilera

Runway Beat #4

Here’s one I would think I would remix a little for the runway. It’s hopping. Keep on dancing till the world ends. When I first saw this video it immediately conjured up images of Zion from Matrix reloaded. There is nothing new about end of the world inspired videos. Many artists have done them. Take Janet Jackson’s Rythmn Nation or Madonna’s Express Yourself just to name a few.  For more check out Rolling Stones picks for the Ten Best Apocalyptic Dance Music Videos.



The Weekend ~ 1/13/2012

I read a quote from NY designer Peri Wolfman the other day that “Staying organized is like gardening. You’re constantly weeding; it’s part of the routine.”  I am not a gardener. I have friends for whom digging in the dirt is a form of meditation.

For me, organizing is meditative so Wolfman’s quote fit. I find a tough week can fall away as I organize and straighten up my desk. Rearranging furniture is my own personal therapy session. I realize that this sense of control over the objects in my life is not the same as actually having control over my life. But when my world is spinning around me and I am feeling dazed, settling the objects surrounding me calms me, leaving a sense of peace. Anais Nin wrote “When I cannot bear outer pressures anymore, I begin to put order in my belongings…As if unable to organize and control my life. I seek to exert this on the world of objects.” Oh how I understand this much needed sense of grounding.

So as I head into this long weekend I plan to get things organized and find time to paint so when I return to work on Tuesday I will be refreshed, ready to send out yearend reports.

I think this song “Free My Mind” by Katie Herzig may have to be some theme music to get me going. I thought it should be a runway beat choice. So perhaps I will call it Runway Beat #3b. Besides she is wearing a fun runway worthy dress in the video. Make sure to check it out.



Weekend Reading List: