Does it matter- Bravery or Folly

I’ve been away from my art, away from this blog. Life got complicated again and with it I creatively dormant. The blasé’ s set in.

I logged on hoping to upload my latest rant.  But realize I have yet to find the conclusion. My posts have increasingly become a pressure value. I can’t remember when I felt carefree and able to simply draw.Or write a 100 word friday fictioneers.

I have artwork (sold at my show) I need to complete. I’ve already been paid. But thankfully my clients understand and are forgiving friends.

But I don’t recognize myself.

I’ve lost something.

I perused my reader to touch into a community I too long away from and notice Rara’s back. After 15 months she’s free, finally out of prison.

Rara wrote Inside, outside of her husband’s ability to vanquish the worry-bubbles. He assured her she “didn’t have to let anything from her outside world into her insides. No matter what is happening on the outside, her insides are loved, good, strong, trusted and needed. “

But in the seconds that ticked away her sentence (s) her husband David passed.

I, so lost in my own dramas, completely missed the news. I can’t help but marvel at those of us living fragments of our life in the public eye. I can’t decide if it’s bravery or folly. Does it even matter…..

4 thoughts on “Does it matter- Bravery or Folly

  1. No pressure but you can’t slow down too much in blogging, I just barely got back and into the swing of things. 😉

    Thank you for this post. It is such a warm blessing to be kissed by Dave’s words when I find them at random. Especially more touching because I noted them the first time around… and then here they are again, almost as if he said them for this moment now.

    Just… thank you.

    As to your worries, art ebbs and flows, and our creativity is a mysterious thing– but it drips from your pores so I have no doubt you’ll be flourishing exactly how you want in no time at all. 🙂

    • No pressure she says. HA! I know you’re right but I still intend to ignore you. 😉

      I am so glad you’re back. I have missed your voice. And am sad Dave is gone. But he is with you always and by proxy us. Be good to you. You deserve good things!!!

  2. No, it doesn’t matter whether it’s bravery or folly. Each person does what’s best for him or herself, and for some that means sharing publicly. For others, not so much. Just know that no matter “where” you are, we will always be here. xoxo

  3. I understand too well how important space and composure are to creating successfully, and how things can crowd in on and threaten our perspective so I really hope things are resolved well for you soon and you can return to doing what you clearly do so very well 🙂

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