The Weekend ~ Flowers on your Grave

Flag Quilt (3)

The weekend’s arrived. And not just any weekend but a Holiday weekend, an early day today and Monday off. Whee!!!

I still have so much to accomplish before the show on the 4th. There are more watercolors to finish, prints that require framing, and minutia to put in order. Not to mention my wrecked apartment to straighten up. Because, oh yes, I’ve already begun procrastinating via the great closet migration.

Don’t worry though; I’ll be taking time to honor all those souls that have given their lives for our country. But Memorial Day for me, in its truest essence, is simply a day of remembrance. A day to think of all our loved ones passed. And I have lost a few. So I will take a moment to love and honor them all, lay flowers upon their grave.

Please send thoughts to my niece for a speedy and easy recovering from her latest surgery for facial paralysis. She is an incredibly strong young woman. She made my mom (her grandma) promise, if she didn’t survive the surgery, that she’d take up Pole dancing and learn to Twerk. I assured her as soon as she was better we’d make sure Grandma got her groove on with this newly prescribed workout routine.

I intended to keep this update short and sweet. Simply leave you with some past posts, weekend reading, Music and inspiration. But best laid plans….

Oh and I just watched two movies that I recommend you all rent. First up is The Iceman, a movie about the notorious mob killer Richard Kuklinski. The screenplay was co-written by a dear old (not in age but in time known) friend of mine Morgan Land. But I swear this does not make me biased. No more than growing up on the east coast and spending one play date at the home of Angelo Bruno makes me fascinated with Mob movies. Shit, perhaps I am biased. Watch it and let me know. Morgan warned me ahead of time it’s bloody. Hmm, I think I’ve become desensitized or I simply expect this from a movie about a Mob killer. It is a terrific movie.

Next I recommend you watch This is Where I Leave YouThis is my idea of comedy, plenty of laughs, many accompanied by the sting of real life’s wayward ways. It involves estranged family dynamics, death, relationships, love. All my favorite human foibles. So there you have it…. ‘Til next week.

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