RAW? Is this go time?

Photograph by Beth Mitchell

Photograph by Beth Mitchell

Hello my fellow lovelies and creatives!!!

I was just approached to do the RAW:natural born artists Seattle show. I have yet to do any shows or fairs though it has been on my You-Need-To-Get-Off-Your-Ass-And-Do-This-NOW list!!

I have to decide by Monday and want to hear from you, my friends. Now I don’t want to see any “This is you year of Yes Dana!!” in the comments. Oh yes DT² I’m talking to you. 😉

A dear friend recently reminded me that the year of yes was also in large part about taking care of me, finding time for solitude and healing. Besides I’ve gotten very good at yes.

Dana will come back to OZ? Yes, next year.
Dana will you start dating again? Yes, as soon as John Cusack asks me out.
Dana will you go skydiving with me? Yes, as soon as hell freezes over.

Okay enough silliness. I don’t want to commit to something I’m not sure I can pull off. I’m not big on half-assing things. If I do this, I want to know I can get my work collated and ready for sale.

Therefore I’d love feedback from any of you who may have done the show before. Or any advice on where to go for printing, point of sale purchase options etc. Any tips really.

Ruty are you going to attend the May Portland Show? Perhaps if I really hustle I can join you there first and then do Seattle. Let me know.

I would of course attempt to crowd source my booth fee through ticket sales. Yes this means you would all need to support me, buy a ticket and attend the show. It would be mandatory as creative collaborators and community.

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