The Weekend ~ Dreaming of Child’s Pose

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Friday is upon me. I had big plans to participate in a yoga manifestation workshop of Jen Pastiloff’s at Shefayoga tomorrow. Unfortunately, between walking about Portland last weekend, and my escapades dancing at Karaokegrass, my ankle injury from 6 weeks ago has flared. To boot I can’t bend my knee at the moment, damn bone on bone. This would make even child pose impossible. Therefore I have Big plans to spend my weekend in corpse pose with ice packs.

I have been waiting for two months to attend and looking forward to it. Now it simply isn’t possible. The class has been booked solid for quite some time so I called them to make sure someone on the waiting list could get my spot. I will have to find another date in the future.

I am trying to make a concerted effort to get back to blogging- perhaps not every day, but thrice weekly. I have a design project, full figured croquis, I was recently hired to do that I want to share. And I hope to get back to my Friday Fictioneer writing and a few other lost projects.

I am ponder participation in RAW in June. I’ll let you know if I decide to attend.

In the meantime check out PRPSA, Punk Rock Porn-star Activists, aka my Gay BFFs new website. If you follow my blog you’ve heard about him. Now you can read him in his own voice.

Consider that your weekend reading list. Till next week.

Blast from This Blogs Past

Something Extra

A video a friend shared today. Let’s just say it fit the mood and conversations going on in our lives at the moment. I find the F-bomb very releasing. They say it releases Oxytocin and I know I could sure use some atm.

4 thoughts on “The Weekend ~ Dreaming of Child’s Pose

  1. To not even be able to do child’s pose! Although, I like the sound of shavasana with ice packs 🙂 I love yoga but I’m often beset by some pinch of pain somewhere in my body (knee, back, neck, shoulder, big toe). But much of that I can work around. Ankle pain? No can do. As you say, even child’s pose would be impossible. Hope your ankle heals soon and you can get into another class 🙂

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