Bikini Body + 20 new full-size templates

Ok! You all know I draw fashion figures. But this is by far the most magnificent site I have found. Check out the beautiful fashion croquis in all their real life glory!!!!! I am seriously crushing on these!

Tracing Real Body Models


The media has been driving us crazy the last few years with their “bikini-body” and “beach-ready” article about how to get (perfect) for the summer. Have you ever hesitated to go to the beach or to a swimming pool because you didn’t want to strip down, believing that you don’t measure up to those impossible ideals? No more! Please, take your body swimming no matter how you think it should or shouldn’t look. You just might have so much fun frolicking in the water that the “looks” part will lose some of its exaggerated importance.

And while  you’re at it… Help us show the diversity of body sizes that exist in real life! 

Host a bikini-body photo-shoot! Here’s how to go about it:


Zava, Mila and Shantala,
20 new real body full-size templates
to trace and dress

More new model templates to trace…

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