@ Ray_Artist I’m In Your Corner

Ray at Plutonium Paint event

Ray at Plutonium Paint event

PLEASE go and support my friend Ray Ferrer. Anything you can do will be appreciated.

There is nothing too small.

Spread the word.

Share his story.

In case you didn’t read my last post. Last week Ray suffered a seizure which turns out was caused by a baseball sized brain tumor. Ray will be undergoing a biopsy tomorrow. Then radiation/chemo and ongoing surgeries.

Ray is a full-time artist and his wife Rhian works two jobs. She has now become Ray’s full time caregiver. He honestly couldn’t be in better hands. But they have a long road ahead of them.

As someone who has spent a great deal of the past few years fighting medical crisis I know, not only what lay ahead, but the incredible strength it takes to ask for help, to acknowledge you need it. So please do whatever you can.

Buy a piece of his art. Prints on Ray’s Etsy Shop have been marked down 50%.

Or simply donate cash. Rhian, Ray’s wife has set up a Go Fund Me Page for Ray.

If your pocketbook is tight then simply send love and good vibes his way and make sure to spread the word. Perhaps someone you know can make a donation.

But please let’s show them the power of community, of connection and compassion.

Ray Ferrer, Warrior

Ray Ferrer, Warrior

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