Community, Connection- Sending love out to @ray_artist

My Day began per usual. I instinctively hit snooze and nestled in for another minute of warmth. Knowing the day could not be held forever at bay, I grabbed my phone to read emails- reconnect with the outside world. Of the dozen or so waiting, one immediately caught my attention-

**Please Send Positive Energy…

My heart sank.

If you follow my blog you know I love creative people and have been fortunate to forge relationships with many of them over the years. I’ve been blessed to connect in person or virtually with souls I feel a kinship. Some of whom have graced my blog with an interview. Ray Ferrer is one such man.

Ray’s wife, Rhian, posted an update on Ray’s blog. She discovered him in bed having a seizure. In the ICU they discovered he had a massive brain tumor.

Now Ray is very strong so I have no doubt he will pull through. And with Rhian by his side well….let us just say his odds triple. When I asked Ray who inspired him, he wrote “My Wife. She is my largest supporter and biggest source of motivation”. I feel at ease knowing he is in such capable hands.

So of course I immediately donned my Man on Bike t-shirt made by Ray. Of course my friends affectionately refer to him as Lucky the Leprechaun, apropos as I wear it to send luck Ray’s way.

Then I went to his Etsy site to buy another print, support Ray and Rhian. I know how hard it is to face medical crisis. The bills add up quick. Now I already have “La Femme” (I call her lioness). She is still at the frame shop. Her spot on my gallery wall eagerly awaiting her return. So I purchased “Soul”.

Please send out good wishes and warm thoughts to Ray and Rhian. Support them in any way you can. Show them the power of community, of connection and compassion.

5 thoughts on “Community, Connection- Sending love out to @ray_artist

    • He’s a great artist and well loved. I refuse to accept anything less than a full recovery. Im sure the universe loves when i talk like this. So glad to hear I introduced you to Ray. Thats my goal with those Tuesday Talent interviews. 👏 makes me happy

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