Into the future- Over the rainbow to OZ


I have the “left the stove on” feeling, my bag is too heavy, or too big, I’ve surely forgotten something important like underwear, dread. I leave this evening for Australia. And as I sit here at my desk I am unsettled. I must go to the ATM. Ugh, why didn’t I leave a day earlier (not that it’d have made a difference) and schedule an extra day once I get home for rest before work?

The landlord is doing the Asbestos abasement while I’m gone. Convenient, but that also means strangers are in my apartment while I’m away. And I couldn’t put clean sheets on the bed in preparation of my return. Wait, what if something goes awry?

“It’ll be fine!” I hear BFH telling me, “It’ll be Fine.”

I don’t recognize this worry wort posing as me. I’ve got my bathing suit in my backpack, so if my luggage gets lost, all is well. I don’t need anything else really. Also traveling with a friend with the same clothing and shoe size never hurts.

My cousin’s offer of a free upgrade worked for my first leg from Seattle to LA. Unfortunately there was nothing available for the LA to Sydney. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m wishing for the misfortune of others. That someone misses the flight and I get a Hail Mary surprise upgrade to business first class.

I’m already starting to feel stiff and I haven’t even boarded the 15 hour flight. Hello! Can you say Psychosomatic? And spoiled? PRPSA might be right….perhaps I am a princess.

Regardless I plan to check out the moment I get on the plane. Seriously, I’m going black. This is going to completely be ME-time.

I did promised Red to do my best with updates on this trip. My parents desire pictures. I want inspiration and peace. The view from our hotel room in Sydney already beckons. So now I simply need to get through the rest of the day. Head to the airport and hop my long flight into the future, over the rainbow, to OZ.

5 thoughts on “Into the future- Over the rainbow to OZ

  1. Safe travels!!! I’ll be doing a 24 hr journey to Cambodia in December. Already testing out the sleeping pills!! I hope you have an amazing and rejuvenating time!

      • My Queen and I have been in Borneo celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary and the first anniversary of her cancer beating surgery. We fly to Perth tomorrow, I’ll be thinking of you. Email me at for my mobile number when you’re up for a yarn about your adventure. Have a ball, darlin’. Love Red

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