The Weekend ~ Shana Tova:Dreaming of Serendipity and Sand Castles

Bubble Gum PinkPRPSA (Punk Rock Porn Star Activist AKA my Gay BFF) borrowed my car to run errands for the day. He bought me the most beautiful pink Gerber daisy. Something about a surprise from a friend for no reason other than to make you smile. It’s heartwarming. Afterwards I was dropping him back home when a conversation about a friend arose.

“She is so buff. She must work out.”

“Sure, she has a farm and rides horses”

“Do you ride?”

“I can, but haven’t since I was a little girl.”

“Oh My God, I just realized. You’re a little rich girl.”

“No I’m not.”

“You are! You know how to swim. And women who can swim are either rich or born in Hawaii.”

“I live paycheck to paycheck. I’m not rich. My parents may have money but I don’t.”

“Spoken like a rich girl.”

“Enough already. Just drop it.”

“That isn’t going to happen.”

“Fine, believe what you will”

“You know, when they do your colonoscopy they’re going to find the silver spoon you swallowed.”

“Get out of my car.”


I have my final round of X-rays Sunday morning and then begin round two of colonoscopy prep. Second procedure scheduled on Monday. Whee! At which point I will find out the urgency and necessity of surgery.

If it’s not imperative I am planning to take off for 10 days to Australia. I don’t care if I eat nearly nothing to minimize my daily discomfort. I want to see The Recruiter, spend time in the ocean, and lay on the sand. I need to get away, escape for a bit. Especially before going under the knife again and having recuperation time. My emotional wellbeing demands a break.

In the last 5 years every moment of vacation/time off has been spent dealing with my medical needs. Enough is frankly enough! I don’t even care that I have to incur credit card debt to make this happen. Normally, I don’t carry debt. Don’t believe in it. But right now. This moment, I’ll make an exception. I am going to spoil myself and then figure it all out afterwards.

Of course now that I have put this intention out there I will be rushed straight into surgery from my colonoscopy. I’m just that kind of lucky these days. I refuse to say cursed, though most days that is exactly how it feels.


I got together with DT² to set our intentions for the Jewish New Year. WHAT?! I’m an honorary Jew. Anyway, we each wrote a list of nine things we wanted to accomplish. Then we wrote a tenth for the other. There were many similarities. Though her ridiculous fitness goals seriously have me questioning her sanity. Folks that’s just madness – she’s supposed to be eating chocolate cake with me, from the inside out, not losing weight from the outside in.

When I shared our escapades with PRPSA he lamented “Well, if I can be a Luciferian I guess I have to allow you to be a Pagan Jew. But could you at least hurry up and get better. I think I can speak for DT² (and he could, she later confirmed) when I say it is time you heal and life can go back to being about us. We can only give over for so long.”

“Ah shucks, from your lips to God’s ears!”


Speaking of prophetic, there is nothing quite like the innocence of children. Out of the mouths of babes they say. DT²’s little one YoYo seemed to be channeling the divine last night. I have fast become his friend. When DT² and I get together for coffee YoYo makes sure his parents know he’s going to see “HIS” friend Dana.

So last night I stopped by for Rosh Hashana. And as many of you may know, once you’re tight with a three year old they have tons to say, and share, and read, and play with you. He kept telling me to look over there, far on the hill. He assured me I’d see something new. He was of course talking of the lightening. But I was thinking of travel and the goals I set for the year ahead. Just before heading home, with the assurance that I would keep my eye peeled for that something new, he said “Dana, We do what we do.” Seriously, I love this little Yoda.


For the last two weeks Free Will Astrology has been right on. Honestly, last week my horoscope said I was supposed to be pondering the power in me to which I have not yet given expression. I’ll have to get back to you all on that one. But I can safely say Look Out!

Then this week’s horoscope practically screamed at me. For a LONG time I’ve had this idea. I want to find a benefactor or crowd source a project where I travel all around the world meeting my fellow writers, artists and creative crushes in person. I could write about the experience- a book about the Power of creativity and dancing with the muse, of giving back and reaching out. It is entitled Creativity Junkie because yes that is who I am.

I’d drink greyhounds with The Dilettante, ride on the back of REDdog’s bike, spray paint with Ray, write poems with Sarah Kay, and ride Ferris wheels with Lizzie while we consider. I could meditate with Sreejit, visit the set of Nashville (Dog sit for Clare and beg her and Sam to serenade me). I’d take a photo with Maggie, draw with Inslee (and Elodie, and Tracy, and Michelle and Danny) then trace circles in the sand with Andres. Play boardwalk games with Brainsnorts, count stars with John and meet new faces with Brandon. Share a baguette with Cody, Laugh with Hugh and Michelle till my gut splits, and discover love from Tyler. But this is only the beginning. I’ll sketch with OldeSoul and create my comicbook alter ego heroine with Ivan. I’d create recipes with Danielle and Bake with Jennifer. Then be sure to visit Rarasaur (now springing her from the clink would be the biggest Coue of all, a real adventure). I’d learn how to Catch dreams with Chase, the art of trust with Jeremy, how to light my soul on fire with Jeanette and the art of living simply luxuriously with Shannon. I’d create paperdolls with Danielle, paint with Anja, glitter everything I could with Katie and this time make sure to take Brooke to breakfast. Rhyme with Alysia, flow with Anis, ponder with Richard and record with Espen and try on the Boy’s Hat. Finally, I’d go on a blind date with John, Joan and Jeremy. But this list is only the tip of my iceberg.

So we come full circle to this week’s Freewill horoscope, which really says it all:

Pisces (February 19-March 20): For a long time, an Illinois writer named ArLynn Leiber Presser didn’t go out much. She had 325 friends on Facebook and was content to get her social needs met in the virtual realm. But then she embarked on a year-long project in which she sought face-to-face meetings with all of her online buddies. The experiment yielded sometimes complicated but mostly interesting results. It took her to 51 cities around the world. I suggest we make her your inspirational role model for the coming weeks, Pisces. In at least one way, it’s time for you to move out of your imagination and into the real world. You’re primed to turn fantasies into actions, dreams into practical pursuits.

See, I’m supposed to make my dream a reality. Or at the very least go to Australia. If I manage that then perhaps I’ll have to find Red and go for that ride. Consider it Chapter 1: Dodging Kangaroos.

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9 thoughts on “The Weekend ~ Shana Tova:Dreaming of Serendipity and Sand Castles

      • Cairns is good, for your health AND your creativity. Be sure to get up to Kuranda a bit further north where the rainforest meets the ocean and go hang out with some real live hippies at the Markets. As for me, draw a straight line across to the west coast and Port Hedland is a bit south of that…still a long way away…

      • Oooh I like the name Kuranda, rolls off the tongue. My BFF has a car and her boys will be with us- sounds like the perfect day trip. Of course I lament that you are still half a continent away. But once I get fully funded I’m coming for ya Baby!

      • Excellent! I’ll require photos of course…lots of smiling with a hint of I’ll-be-back thrown in. Yes, well, as the crow flies I’m still about 5000kms away but you have to fly around the coastline to get anywhere here, so really it’s heaps further…unless you go via Bali, we have flights directly to Hedland out of Bali

      • I’ll have to make a t-shirt for the love of RED to wear in one and forlorn look wsitfully westward.

        Now you’ve given me my route for the next trip. Into Hedlund via Bali via Singapore. I will need to visit the Recruiter again before she moves back to the states.

      • YESSS! And when you’ve finished sweating in that T-shirt (oh yeah, you’ll be doing plenty of that in Cairns) you can send it to me and I’ll hang it up in theBar forever more.

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