Rosé Colored Glasses ~Friday Fictioneers ~ 9/26/14

Copyright – Marie Gail Stratford

Rosé Colored Glasses

Same corner stool, It’d become a habit, an end of the day ritual like her morning cup of java and cig. “God, I miss smoking in a bar.”

Unable to resist the way the light illuminated the bottles she snapped a shot, “Occupational hazard.”

“What’ll it be tonight, love? Red, White, Rosé?”

“Yes please.” She smirked.

“Double Balvenie on the rocks coming up”

“Keep em following Mick. I’m having a row.”

“Swallowing memories again?”

“Usually” she tipped her glass watching the dance of cubes.

“What’s it this time?”

“Just can’t decide what I need more- a divorce or an accident.”

(100 Words)

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