Creative Crush ~ Tracy Hetzel

So you know by now I have lots of creative crushes. They only increase in numbers every day. Today I share with you one of my all time favorite fashion illustrators ~ Tracy Hetzel. Her watercolors have so much personality they are infectious.

I already Own the first one below (Children Guised as Cowboys). Then this morning while getting ready to post I discovered a new one, Down the Rabbit Hole, pink garters a flamingo and a hedgehog. Hello Precious!

Yes I bought it. Now head over to her store, Long Blue Straw. I promise you won’t be disappointed unless you’re on a  tight budget. Then  it might prove troublesome.


il_570xN.433452547_23w0 il_570xN.474922311_8vtn il_570xN.534994013_hrx0 il_570xN.618288440_qzry il_570xN.625595834_m8hf il_570xN.627376027_jffr

9 thoughts on “Creative Crush ~ Tracy Hetzel

    • I know right. She is phenomenal.

      P.S sent your Ode to Apple & Microsoft to a friend who was just complaining about their Waring incompatibility and trying to get blog posts accomplished. Forsooth his reply.

      • But you were right–NOT good for my bank account! I’ve favorited her store for the next time I need to buy myself some art, though!

        I’m so glad you enjoyed it and I hope he does, too! I’m glad I’m not the only one hated by technology.

      • You are not the only one. He was fighting between Apple and Microsoft to get a post written and photos coordinated about Burning Man. 4 Hours later WordPress ate his post. All his hard work gone. One of the things he was writing is about how doing work is important, not the outcome. I was glad I wasn’t the only one whose resolve the universe tested. We creative types are far less alone then we realize. 🙂

        Good luck holding on to your pocket change. It will begin to scream Tracy Hetzel.

      • I can already hear it calling…

        That’s awful–my problems were nothing like that, and it’s my work computer, not my personal one. I wish I was more tech savvy–I keep saying I’ll learn how to do all these things and never do. Maybe one day 🙂

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