The Burning Bed ~Friday Fictioneers 9/5/14

I think like many, the first thing to come to mind was giant marshmallows. I have been craving s’mores ever since. Then I saw burning books and Pagan skyclad fireside rituals which became visions of cannibals cooking. Next the scene from Waiting to Exhale popped into my head. Angela Basset’s glorious bonfire, her husband’s things burning in his car. This finally led me to the Burning Bed. This is were I stopped. Sorry if you preferred one of the lighter subjects.

The Burning Bed

Embers ignited

As you lit upon the scene

And gravity tipped


whispering love affairs

Fiery passions on bare skin

Engulfed, flames embrace


Wounds of our past rise

Igniting your whisky breath

Smoke stained walls bleeding


damaged hearts rage on

murky doubt filing up cracks

blood boiling over


There is no escape

The trusses can’t bear the strain

Groaning from the weight


I am kindling, trapped

Your inferno raging hot

Ache lodged in my bones


Terror and teardown

Life exploding like fireworks

Across the night sky


Love burning to dust

A white flash as hearts explode

our house left to ruin


(100 Words)

Happy Birthday to our glorious and fearless leader Rochelle. May you celebrate with s’mores. Please make sure you read the other contributions. And if inspired join in the 100 word weekly madness.

23 thoughts on “The Burning Bed ~Friday Fictioneers 9/5/14

  1. Dear Dana,

    I remember the movie The Burning Bed. Powerful as is your poem.

    BTW the Angela Bassette scene in WTE is one of my favorite scenes ever. 😉

    Thank you for the birthday wishes.



    • Rochelle,

      Right? That scene in WTE is the best. You know we have all wished to be so bold in our lives at one time or another.

      The movie the Burning Bed was the impetus. Glad my poem does it justice.


  2. This piece is truly lovely from new love to disappointment and everything in between. Favorite lines:Fiery passions on bare skin,Wounds of our past rise, damaged hearts rage on, Ache lodged in my bones, Love burning to dust. No time to list my second favorites. Thanks for writing a gorgeous piece.

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