The Weekend ~ Full Circle, Chinese Whispers and Goodbyes


Apparently I’m dying. The rumor mill of mother’s (not mine this time) got to work and like a children’s game of telephone (Chinese whispers) my kidney cancer and drastic diet change morphed. By the time my ex-mother-in-law called her son I couldn’t eat and was in hospice dying. He called the recruiter (she grew up across the street from him) upset with the news, wanting to find out where I was so he could come see me. She assured him I was anything but near dead. He asked for my number. When he did call I assured I’m very much alive.

Next, little Sister sent me a text message to say she non-drunk, but no less ill-advisedly, Facebooked Ex-husband #2. In the course of her folly said something about my “cancer” but that it was “my story to tell”. She was apologizing. I wondered for non-drunk facebooking or letting the cat out of the bag. “Both” she said.

I’ve decided not to sweat the small stuff these days and this qualifies. I suggested she do the same and let it go. Honestly, I have bigger things on my plate to take care of.

I like an easy keel life, as drama free as I can get. I crave peace ever more so since cancer. But my life, and that of those around me, seems to have other plans. I am trying to ride it out and remain grounded. I don’t want to wind up more worn out. So, I am carefully picking and choosing my battles.

My new co-worker is off to Kauai to say a finale farewell and send her beloved  husband out to sea. My thoughts are with her and her girls as they take this step in the grieving process. This, my readers, is a “something bigger” to handle. One that I have been honored to witness.

Oh, lastly September is right around the corner. This means the NYFA 10th Annual Student Fashion show is coming (September 13th). You can buy tickets HERE for either the 7pm or 9pm show (or both). If you’re unable to attend you can still help the school out by donating HERE.

Now I must run. I have a new apartment to move into and a life to definitely LIVE. See you all Monday or ……….

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8 thoughts on “The Weekend ~ Full Circle, Chinese Whispers and Goodbyes

  1. Thank you huge for the shout-out. I hope you have a lovely, very peace-filled weekend. And see you next week (I hear the results for the Dilettante contest are being announced soon!)

    Love the lantern picture 🙂 Very peaceful.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, darling — and I’m so glad you’re having a good sense of humour about those Chinese whispers…

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