Roughing It ~ Friday Fictioneers ~ 8/29/14


Copyright – Madison Woods


Roughing It

Watching Mark turn his makeshift spit she pitied poor defenseless Thumper, moreover identified. She plotted her escape, yearned to be soaking in a tub and ordering room service. But she’d lost the bet.

“Why must we catch our dinner?” lip protruding in protest.

“All part of the experience Tiff” he smirked

“There’s no way I’m eating that. Take me home.”

“Sorry Babe, deals a deal.” Mark went to the back of the jeep. “Want some wine?”

“God Yes!”

He slipped a carrot into the rabbit’s cage, and hid the roast chicken container further back beneath the blanket.

“Red or White?”


Word Count: 100


P.S. Please make sure to read the others.

It’s Friday Fictioneers time. Rochelle provides us with a  photo prompt, Oy Vey on this one, and we are tasked to write a 100 word story. Honestly, I don’t even want to know what that really is. The photo is titled grapevine goo. Again I don’t want to know. This could turn me off wine and that would be a tragedy.

28 thoughts on “Roughing It ~ Friday Fictioneers ~ 8/29/14

  1. Dear Dana,

    Warped sense of humor that. It would be easy to pass a chicken off as rabbit as long as you cut off the wings. 😉 Rabbit does taste like chicken…a little sweeter.

    At any rate, an enjoyable story. I enjoyed it.



  2. Ha! I enjoyed your little twist and hopefully Tiff will too when she realizes it’s chicken. As Randy mentioned, you have two different male names although I’m guessing there are just Tiff and Mark/Steve. Good one.


    • Janet- I suspect she will be relieved to find out it’s chicken. And that she is only date one man-Mark. I will get it fixed. Apparently writing in the early morning can make you see double. 🙂 Thanks, Dana

  3. Please ask Elizabeth who Steve is? I read the name Mark.
    And Mark has a great sense of humor.
    After a few more glasses of wine, she won’t care if it is Thumper ,or chicken, or pigeon pie, possum stew, or fox tail.
    fun little tale..

    • Randy- Thank you for pointing out my dual personality male protagonist. This is what comes of writing at 3am. 😉

      If I have gone or my word limit of 100. Her reply would have been “Yes” to his question or red or white. She definitely planned to get her buzz on so she could eat what he was cooking without gagging.


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