Brooke Hagel Illustrates Her Talent

I’ve said it time and again. I love creativity, a bonafide junkie. And to actually meet an artist I’ve admired and been following for a while is beyond measure.

photo 2 (4)

Today, DT ² accompanied me to meet Brooke Hagel at a joint event put on by Clinique and Vogue. When Brooke sent out her tweet for the added date I jumped all over it.

Like I said before, I did not care what product they were promoting or what I needed to buy as long as I got to be drawn by Brooke. I’ll have to get back to you on whether the smart serum works wonders on my skin. Who knows maybe it will become one of my favorite things. But I did buy the yummiest face cleansing brush ever. A little heavenly spa touch for my morning shower. And the complimentary copy of September’s issue of Vogue, I know what will be accompanying my morning Java.

First we had our makeup done. Tina worked on me and Teresa on DT ². These ladies were as much a part of making the afternoon a roaring success as any. I usually don’t wear makeup. Not since my younger years modeling. I tell people now “I only wear it if someone is paying me to” (or I suppose for Brooke).  And DT ² owes Tina at least 50 push-ups for her repeat after me “I am Beautiful” bootcamp. As her reinforcer I promise they’re on the way .DT ² drop and give me…..

Now when DT ² and I get together and we are ON it is a comedy skit akin to who’s on first. If it weren’t so terribly non-PC I’d call us the Jew and the Gentile and we’d take it on the road. People think we have known one another for ages. We have- many many lifetimes.

photo 5 (1)

After we got all dolled up, or my alien mask was properly affixed; we got to get our sketches done by Brooke- a custom drawing that will be printed onto a phone case.

BH sketches

I had the full intention of doing my own sketch of Brooke and bringing it to her as my gift. But as many of you know my time these days is well… tight. Perhaps I will convince her to be one of my Tuesday Talent Interviews. Trust me you’ll want to get to know her even if virtually. She is an incredibly thoughtful and lovely woman.

So if you have the opportunity to attend one of these events do so. If not check out her work and commission your own piece of custom artwork. Me, I think I’d like to have her join DT ² and I for girl’s night out. Oh, Tina, Teresa you’re invited as well.

To see more of Brooke’s work check out the following:

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