Over The Hill

Under cover w logoIt’s Official. I’m old.

I don’t know when it happened that I round the slope but here I am on the other side, somewhat amazed and bewildered.

I have been living temporarily in college housing across from fraternity parties and crack of dawn fireworks. One morning I awoke to the sounds of young love- An early morning adventure to the nether regions. They were doing their best to be discrete, holding back as it was, obviously aware of their surroundings. And all I could think was “Please, oh please, tell me they brushed their teeth.”

Yes, I would say that makes it official. I’m over the hill.

11 thoughts on “Over The Hill

  1. You poor thing! Don’t worry though- this isn’t a real over the hill moment… you’re not old, you’re just getting sensible, which is a step towards getting old-ER. Not old. There is a very big difference.

    When your hairdresser recommends you dye your hair “Ash” instead of “Gold,” then you can be worried 🙂

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