Going Off the Wagon


You no doubt all know I am a creativity Junkie. At least if you read my blog . Creativity is my drug of choice. And as an illustrator I am constantly in awe of what other fashion illustrators do. One such illustrator is Brooke Hagel.

Well, today she sent out a tweet that she’s added locations to her live sketching tour in conjunction with Vogue and Clinique. Of course I immediately called and reserved a spot to get sketched, meet her in person, and oh yeah, purchase the require product. Honestly, it didn’t matter what the parameters where. They could have been selling serum made of bat guano, or turtle piss. I’d have bought it anyway just to be sketched by an illustrator I’ve been a fan of for years.

Seriously, illustrators are my rock stars!

Wait, am I starting to sound stalkish? But creative crushes are creative crushes. They must be honored. Really, I assure you I’m harmless.

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