Prepare For Landing ~ #fridayfictioneers ~ 8/1/14


Photo Copyright –Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


Prepare for Landing

Last time I made this trip I was flying away from him. Or was it towards the other one? Sam thought, wistfully staring through the airplane window. At 18, who can say? She pondered with a smile. Looking out she half expected to see a gargoyle perched atop the wing, matching her mood and the sky.

Who knew this is what it would take to force her to face her family.

“Please return your seats and trays to their upright position in preparation for landing.” Placing his hands lovingly around her, Craig gently held Sam’s urn tightly in his lap.


Word Count: 100


P.S. Please make sure to read the others.

I am trying to stay in the groove and keep writing. Of course now I need to add commenting and reading more entries to my TO DO. Honestly, check out Friday Fictioneers and join in the fun. I promise it quickly becomes addictive. Best vice you’ll ever have.

12 thoughts on “Prepare For Landing ~ #fridayfictioneers ~ 8/1/14

  1. Sam’s spirit still living in her ashes. She needs to settle her account with her family? I’m guessing, of course. I really love the photo prompt and your feet photo. 🙂 It drew me to read you.


    • Thanks Lily, I was having fun trying out the french toes. Had to take a pic. I’ll take your liking it as a yes to the french pedicure.

      And yes I’d say Sam’s spirit can’t move on just yet. She has not finished, she has not faced her family. She needs to return home before she can move on.

  2. Dear Dana,

    I’m confused. If Sam’s in the urn, how can she be thinking early on in your story? Am I missing something? (If it turns out I’m missing some gray matter, please forgive me speaking.)



    • I’m a little confused too. I’m assuming Sam’s in the urn but still telling the story. I think this piece certainly has the bones for becoming a bigger story.

    • Doug- Feedback is so fascinating. I never occurred to me that Sam being dead and in the urn meant she couldn’t be thinking. 🙂 I envisioned her spirit accompanying her body home. Stuck I suspect till she finished up the loose end she left unfinished-facing her family. Even if not corporeally.

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