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Today was a good day. Dare I say an inspired morning even?

I got up early and made my way to a favorite cafe in town. Ordered the basic sans potatoes or bread. A plate of scrambled eggs, bacon and fruit joined my cup of black coffee.

Something you probably don’t know about me is I have really good hearing. Seriously like Spidey Sense good. I can zone in on a conversation across a crowded court house or coffee shop as it where today.

A threesome over yonder was discussing the health benefits or lack thereof, depending on which side of the table they sat, of honey. As it’s the only sugar I’m currently allowed to have I was intrigued by the debate. They talked about the genetic component of diets. How some of us are hardwired to salty-olives and pickles and others of us crave carbs or chocolate perhaps.

Then they went on to movies. Having just watch The Phildaelphia Story they discussed the subtle humor and grace found in older movies. I hadn’t seen that movie in ages so I made a mental note to have date night with Netflix. Seriously! What is there not to love about Katherine Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant. Please tell me you didn’t think I was talking about Tom Hanks Philadelphia . Well, if so you are forgiven. It was a good movie also but really not the same caliber as the first.

An itty bitty dachshund dragged his owner to the water bowl waiting at the café door’s edge. He was mighty in his insistence. I began to look around and soak it all in.

The thing is I love people watching. Seriously whether on the park bench, chatting up the barista, or the new mom next to me, it all is part of my canvas. And getting out is the only way to really paint.

At the café I even got inspired to draw my first Rogue Illustration in ages. Sarah obliged and even allowed me to take her photo as long as I emailed her my finished drawing. Her picture will be posted very soon.

Then I made my way across to the park. There was group doing yoga, two homeless teens curled around one another asleep in the shade. Two young boys ran along the parks edge, dodging in and out of the filtered sunlight. The New World before them or so I imagined their exploration but whether, Indians, Aliens Soldiers or Cowboys they valiantly held their guns, sticks to the layman.

When the park bench proved too hot I found my own shady spot and closed my eyes for a moment allowing the breeze to caress my face. I breathed deeper then I have in quite some time.

Swiftly a little tyke went barreling past. “Wait Granny, Wait!”  They were on the way to the playground yonder. He tried desperately to catch up. His little legs adeptly navigating the gravel like a superpower.

I looked over and there was another young man like me soaking up the shade, lost in thought and I dare say his cell phone. A young woman chose the full sun and her laptop as her place to play.

Yes, today was an inspired day. I drew a fashion illustration, came up with a necklace design, remembered how to get lost in the whimsy of childhood. Was reminded the importance of having a close friend to cover your back and that in the end whether sitting in the full sun or the shadows life is sweet and some days you catch the dream.

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