I’m Still Here

Just so you don’t think I’ve completely disappeared and to say a quick hello to my new followers. I promise to muster the ___________ to write and start posting regularly once again. For now just a quick Duo- One picture and some tunes.


Oddly when I saw this photo and quote (whose I’m unsure) I thought it was describing me. My friend thought I’d run off to Paris. One can dream. Oh wait, I do…often.

Come Away To The Water – Maroon 5 Feat. Rozzi Crane

21 thoughts on “I’m Still Here

  1. Dana, I’ve read your last couple of entries. I am so sad and yet so inspired by you. Part of me wants to rage because I’ve known too many young, talented, lovely people like yourself who have had their lives threatened or ended by some cruel turn in the lottery. Well, actually, all of me wants to rage. And all of me hopes that you beat the odds just so you can live every day to the fullest for a long, long time.

    • Marie, I am sure I’ll be around for a long time (I’m tough bird) but it has forced me to reassess life as I have been living it. I am working on making every moment count from here on forward. So I’ve gone inward for some deep soul searching and finding my inner freedom. Letting my wild child out to play, sing and dance.

    • How are you feeling? Better I hope since your surgery. I’m finding I am more effected by my health issue than I anticipated and it is affecting my personal relationships. No good I tell ya.

      • I am feeling great from the surgery. I had a lot of drama dumped on me by my ex and I have been dealing with that, then my daughter is getting ready to go off to college so life is a jumble.
        How are you?

      • Hey. I am having a rebirth of sorts at the moment. Though some might say implosion. Knowing that life might be short I am reassessing my priorities and creating the life I want to live- starting now. It just involves overturning the cart I’ve been riding around in.

      • We all need to have a rebirth several times in our lives. I think the majority of people are complacent and never consider how short life is for all of us. We often here tomorrow is never promised but who really listens. I know with myself it took me a bit but I had to look at sickness as a gift. It made me re-evaluate my life and take bold steps. I have turn a lot of my energy on focusing on what I need finally in life and feel so much better.
        I also find it striking when I am in the processing of bringing out the real me, many of my girl friends are doing the same. Feels like a big movement right now.

      • Anja- I too think in the end my sickness will be the gift because it has propelled me. Forced me to go in a direction I would never even have considered. Like you said take the bold steps. I think knowing yourself and sharing it openly and unapologetically is the biggest learning their is a life. Dana

      • Have you ever read The Power of Now? I strongly recommend it for you!!!! It changed me in so many ways and I’m reading it again.

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