Weekend ~ 6/6/14~Side Effects of Dying aka Living Fully

Needing out of the office after a particularly tough morning, I decided a walk to the bakery for lunch was in order. I had written a second draft of my VHL blog post and had been making the morning rounds to schedule doctors’ appointments in between opening new accounts, distributing estates and check distribution requests for clients.

I tried slowing my pace and thoughts; breathing deeply allowing the breeze to gently stroke my face. My mind drifted towards the fact that I had no energy to give to my art, to writing. The state of my medical affairs or what has become affectionately in my sense of humor referred to as Side effects of Dying has taken center stage. I’d rather be reviewing a friend’s blog post, drawing artwork for two other friends’ books in progress and writing a short story for another online challenge due today.

I order one of my usuals and wait. A long lanky man stood in front of me wearing a Green t-shirt “Stay Calm and Chive on” with faded jeans and cowboy boots. Other than slightly longer brown hair fanning from his faded ball-cap he reminded me of a long-ago love.

Encircling his elbow were the words Ars Longa, vita brevis tattooed. I knew it meant life was short. Seriously do I ever know that fact these days. But what was long? I pondered cramping my already achy head for Latin knowledge. So I simply asked.

ART is long, life is short. Another message to my pondering answered. Life is short, Art eternal and it takes a long time to hone ones skill. Our accomplishments are limited by our lifespan but it doesn’t have to be so. Hop to it sister! I thought

Once I got back to the office and looked up the phrase. I realized that for me there was a deeper message. These words written by Hippocrates, The Father of Medicine, were the opening of his medical text. So let’s look at it in the context of my fight with disease. Art meant “technique, craft (as in the art of war). This was followed by “The physician must not only be prepared to do what is right himself, but also to make the patient, the attendants and the externals cooperate.” Meaning that it takes a long time to acquire and perfect one’s expertise and we only have a short time in which to do it. Now apply that further to rare disease.

So as I fight the battle to get to the right specialists and have the right treatments done and fight the cancer returning I know it’s time to go to war against what ails me.

Life is short, and art long, opportunity fleeting; experiment dangerous, and decision difficult.” (Ars  longa, vita brevis, occasio praeceps; experimentum periculosum, iudicium difficile) Boy is that ever true when it comes to the Art of medicine and healing.

Here’s to having a full and artful life where opportunities are seized, experiments fruitful and decisions made confidently. To loving endlessly and savoring each moment as if it where the last.

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13 thoughts on “Weekend ~ 6/6/14~Side Effects of Dying aka Living Fully

  1. I have taken Death in a strangle hold and been told loudly “not yet” so many times that feel selfish and unworthy around the innocents who have it thrust upon them such as yourself, Laura Lynn, my Queen…”It’s not fair…” I want to cry, “…take me instead!”. Thank you Dana for the reminder that life is for the living and our time is precious.

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