In The Driver’s Seat~ #fridayfictioneers ~ 5/16/14

In The Driver’s Seat

“Wait! What are you doing?” Mary grimaced.

“I’m going via Church. It will be faster.”

“Dorchester Lane is quicker.”

“Not this time of day.”

“We routed this a thousand times. Stick with the plan.”

Josef hooked a left past the old stone chapel and sped his way around Hairpoint turn.

“This was a mistake. Hurry, He’s coming!” Mary griped the door tightly leaning into the bend. The car jerked to a halt. They were surrounded, sheep everywhere.


“What? Say I told you…….Whoawoooo…woo.woo.wooo…. Looks like you’ll have to deliver”.

“Good thing I’m a doc.”

“For Christ Sake, you’re a podiatrist”

Word Count:100

I couldn’t let another Friday Fictioneers slip past unattended. As always, thanks Rochelle.

21 thoughts on “In The Driver’s Seat~ #fridayfictioneers ~ 5/16/14

  1. Dear Dana, This is such a good story, and I suppose a podiatrist is better than no doctor at all. ha ha . Really, really good story – Thanks for the laugh! Nan 🙂

  2. Dear Dana,

    If I was a Podiatrist I’d take issue with your story, which was grand and true and amusing. Lovely work. I’m glad you do it so well.



  3. Oh that’s a fantastic last line. Lovely build of tension and there’s a great sense of the characters from their dialogue.

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