Weekend ~ 5/2/14 ~ Twitterjacked and Fighting Mad

I have been MIA this week and will continue to be so the next couple weeks. (Hooray!) My Co-worker quit (boo hoo) though we are determined to become ladies that lunch. I have been given a 6 month window before the next CT- one lung mass cleared the other TBD. Let’s just say I still have a lot on my medical plate.

I planned a rant today about ads posted onto your twitter feed. Lamenting yesterday, I’d been twitterjacked. Tweet after tweet exclaiming I’d lost thirteen pounds with a link to some newfangled diet.

Are you kidding me?!!! They really should do their research. Having  just gone through a huge weight gain and then loss of 40 lbs in a months period due to stomach problems, kidney cancer and a total nephrectomoy let’s say my sense of humor was nonexistent on the matter.

This month is Celiac Awareness Month. My now EX Co-Worker’s daughter suffers from Celiac disease which is very similar to my struggles with SIBO. We often lament and share recipes. My tweeting links to Jennifer Esposito site may have initiated the tweet attack. But for those of us who suffer from Celiac, Chrohn’s and even SIBO weight loss is not the goal and diets are far more complicated. So it pisses me off.

In that vein I will leave you with a recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies. Third times the charm- I just perfected them. Feel free to eat as many as you like. I know I did.

Chocolate Chip “Perfection” Cookies

1 Cup Honey Powder
¼ cup Coconut Oil
½ cup butter (softened)
1 egg
1 tsp Vanilla

-Beat Ingredients together till smooth
-Add dry ingredients

½ Cup Almond Flour
½ Cup Cashew Flour
½ Cup Pecan Flour
½ Cup (plus 2 Tbsp) Coconut Flour
1 tsp baking soda
½ tsp salt

-Mix well and then stir in chocolate chips.

***Now I’m supposed to only have chocolate if it is 70% cocoa or more. This time I used Ghirardelli’s 60% Cacao bittersweet Chocolate chips. But here is a link to two alternatives I am eager to try.

Bake on parchment paper lined cookie sheet at 350 degrees for 8 minutes. Remove from oven (even if they appear undercooked) and let sit on sheet for another 2 minutes or so before removing to cooling rack. Then poor a glass of Coconut Milk and enjoy.

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3 thoughts on “Weekend ~ 5/2/14 ~ Twitterjacked and Fighting Mad

  1. The recipe looks delicious! I could really go for some cookies! I never knew twitterjacking is a real thing! Then again, I’m not a bird, for I don’t have much to tweet. Maybe someday, though! I send my prayers and warm wishes to you!

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