Weekend ~ 4/25/14 ~Harmonies for Dessert, Nashville Style

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I’ve been yearning to get out of dodge and will be making an excursion to Cali with the girls soon. But I realize I need to get away on my own and really reboot. I need to run away.

But the question was where to? I’d been dreaming of childhood summers spent on Chincoteague and Assateague Islands. And my total love, obsession really for country music. It came to me, I am craving a little southern comfort. No, not the drink. I gave that up after an unfortunate night of one too many Alabama Slammers. I am craving the Real South- the salt on the wind, the warm air, sweet tea and music.

So I’ve decided to fly to Nashville. Seriously, it’s a tragedy that I’ve never been before.  As a little girl my BIG dream was to be a country singer. One my father indulged regularly- him and me crooning to Willy in the car. From there I am going to head to Charlotte, then make my way down the coast to Savannah, back to Nashville and then home. Or some version thereof.

I have to work out the specifics. So I welcome any guidance of where I MUST visit- good places to stay, eat, anything.  Not too fancy- nice and economical. I’m a girl on a medical budget these days. But please talk to me. Tell me your favorite delights, haunts, and memories. Help me plan my adventure.

I have yet to lock down the dates since Lady A is already sold out for their June show in Nashville. Anyone got tickets they want to sell me please speak up. I need to add the Ryman to my must see list. Hmmm Sarah McLaughlin will be there or Lindsey Sterling. I’d love to go to the Bluebird as I am obsessed with the show Nashville. Perhaps Jonathon Jackson is playing somewhere. Seriously this show is my favorite thing on TV at the moment. This week’s Nashville on the Record was Faaabulous! Yes, I Now own the album.

Speaking of, if anyone can get me on the set to watch the filming of an episode well frankly you’d be a God to me.  What? Why not throw my big fantasies out to the interverse and see what bounces back. I mean really while we’re at it dinner with Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio would be great. Oh, and then they can sing for me. Too much? Okay I’ll sing for them then. Sing for my dinner dates. P.S. Is it wrong I had no idea that Clare was Australian and Sam British. I swear I’m a huge fan. Really!

These two’s harmonies are the thing my romantic fantasies are made of. No, I’m not ignoring Connie (Rayna) and Chip (Deacon) but their storyline falls more on the hopeless side of romantic. (Much like real life)  My fantasy involves finding a man with whom I can blend voices. And Scarlett & Gunnar are my TV representations of this, even if the show has set to split them asunder. Tsk tsk! Oh and quit messing with Juliette and Avery. Yes I do realize that storyline and character wise Juliette is her own worst enemy. But give the girl a break. And don’t even think about Avery and Scarlet again. Sorry I digress. Where was I? Oh yes, the magic of duets.

Clare has one of the most intensely intimate voices I’ve ever heard. I can’t get enough of listening to her. And if Sam weren’t….well, a pup, I’d be a goner. (What? You expected me to say if I wasn’t so old. Well too bad.) Trust me there is plenty to love about the men of Nashville but I’m trying not to covet other women’s husbands.

Oh and Lennon and Maisy, COME ON! Okay, now I want to sit on a porch with all cast members and song writers and listen while they pick away. Let’s have a BBQ. My family used to sing old tunes after dinner. That would be nice- Harmonies for dessert Nashville style.

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If I Didn’t Know Better ~ Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio (Nashville)

Lately ~ Sam Palladio & Clare Bowen (Nashville)

Black Roses ~ Clare Bowen (Nashville)

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