Weekend ~ 4/18/14 ~Twitter cocktails, TMI and Travel Plans

I know! I do. You don’t need to remind me. I owe you three poems. They are coming forthwith.

Somewhere in the last week I lost a day. No doubt due to this being Good Friday, a day off work for me, and the beginning of a long weekend. This explains why I thought it was Friday all day yesterday.

But worse than the lost day, I lost a week. Now I would brush this off has having no significance, or simply work overload, if it weren’t for the fact my upcoming scan is a week from Monday, not this Monday as I’d thought. I’m obviously more anxious about it then I am willing to admit.

It’s twofold really. I’ve been yearning to get away but needing to wait until this step is complete. So every day as I hatch my escape plans this appointment anchors me down. My P’s left for Charleston, SC bringing memories of summers spent in Kiawah, Chincoteague and Assateague. This is bad enough for inflicting wanderlust but Andra Watkins has been tempting me with the glories of Savanah for some time. Now I yearn for a trip to the old South in a bad way.

Then last night I was having cocktails with the girls. What girls? So glad you asked, the incomparable Helena, Lizzi, Hannah and Jennie. We were enjoying a twitter cocktail party, each spread about the globe. Next to me sat an Aussie gal on holiday.

We shared a delightful conversation which further fed my wanderlust. Seriously who wouldn’t love 6 weeks off to travel. I lament not having arrived earlier as we could have split entrees- my French Onion soup and her chicken Liver Terrine with the show. The show was the first date of the couple sitting next to us.

And it was no “meet cute”. Aussie’s reaction was to tweet her partner, with who she was on a break, I’m missing you. Mine was “that is why I’m not dating, way too difficult”. Honestly I’ll spare you the details. It was full press court- arm rubbing, can’t believe that your mom has 4 kids- her Facebook pics are fabulous, I know it’s early but I can see myself growing old with you on a bench someday, and I don’t know how you feel but I definitely would like to have sex with you. Seriously, these are just a few of the highlights or lowlights depending on your perspective.

Next Double Trouble and hubby met me for an evening at RAW at the showbox theater. DT² ‘s Friend Ruty Daniels was showing her art.

photo (15)

And there were a few other artists I plan to haunt some more. And two who’s prints, along with Ruty’s will adorn my space-limited art gallery. Yessica Marquez (Print), Noel Hanson (print), Sterling McCoy (Sculpted Souls), Clara Wilson, Larry Rogers, Sheer Star Photography.

Now before I run off. I want to remind you to check out the Writer’s Blog Process Tour Interviews of Richard of Brainsnorts and Korey Krauskopf as these two gentlemen where so kind as to follow through for me. Besides you might learn a tidbit or two. I know I did.

Now. I really must run. I have a birthday present to draw for my rockstar friend’s party this weekend. Can’t share else he will know what silliness is on it’s way. See you all on the blog and some of you on twitter.

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