Weekend ~ 4/11/14 ~ Winsome Writers, Wants and Wahlberg Warnings

This week I came upon the blogs of two young writers. Young in age but not skill or spirit.  First was Lauren of GoldFish Translations and her poem Tomato-Tomato (Please tell me you read that Tomato- Tomatoh).  Well, this lovely poem ends with……. (first, PLEASE promise to read the whole poem and her other pieces too!)

David Sedaris
wrote, Love means never having
to say you’re sorry. 
On a street corner
in downtown Spokane, love
is how he stops walking at the sound
of my forehead tipping toward the earth,
and takes to his knee without a word
to retie the strings of my shoes.

The next young poet I came upon and fell quickly for was Vincent Mars, Boy With a Hat. I read his poem To a Reader of my Blog With Whom I am Secretly in Love. Again promise me you’ll read the whole poem and his other works. Now this poem of his ends:

‘Alackaday! Your shoelaces are undone!’

Then, before you can protest,

I’m down on my knees before you,

Tying your troublesome shoelaces,

An expression of profound concentration on my face,

Tongue poking out of the corner of my mouth…


Ah, what will you do when I am done?

Will you strike me in the head with your umbrella?

Or unfollow my blog?

Or pull me up and kiss me on the cheek?

Or else?


Well, the writer in me couldn’t avoid the synergy, the seeming connection of these two young poets’ words. Oh fine, it’s my inner hopeless romantic demanding satisfaction!  It really must be done from time to time lest she get too hungry. Trust me scary things happen.

So in my mind (look out) these two are writing secret coded love notes to one another through their poetry. And I for one choose to believe it’s factual, not simple my imagination run a muck, like loves letters between Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir. I can’t help it. It’s their fault really for making me remember the gentle tenderness of young love. Oh! The transference! I think it’s time my HR goes back in her cave.

Honestly, I think any man who ever dated me is crying foul. “Like hell you’d ever let a man tie your shoelaces. I’d be afraid of getting kicked in the head.” I want to protest. These poems make it seem so lovely, so tender, and so sweet. But inwardly I know they are right, those ex-lovers of mine, even as a teen my fingers would have to be broken.

Speaking of broken fingers…. I shared my apocalyptic fantasy dream with my friend Jason. You know the one where I was married to Donnie Wahlberg.  “Wait, Not Mark Wahlberg?” Jason remarked.

“No, Donnie.”


“Donnie Wahlberg, Mark’s older brother. You know the actor from Blue Bloods. DONNIE was my husband and fantasy lover.”

“GOOD…..” Jason continued letting me know, in no uncertain terms, Mark was off limits. i.e  IF I even DREAMED of Mark, his lifelong boyfriend (unbeknownst to Mark of course), he’d have to kill me. “But the good news”, I tried to assuage him, “is if I’m married to Donnie and your dating Mark then we’re practically siblings. That’d be great!” Honestly, he wasn’t buying it. And I’m expecting restraining orders any day now from the Wahlberg family on our fantasy lives.

Finally I have a list a mile long of writer prompts I want to do. But time just keeps running away from me these days.  Here they are in case anyone needs a little inspiration of their own.

Blast from This Blogs Past

The Weekend Reading List

Something Extra

Today’s extra is a little different. I usually take you into the weekend with some tune-age. But Rara made me…. hypnotized me into a better mood this week. So I felt it necessary to pass on the feeling.

Hypnosaurus takes a (H)iatus by Rarasaur

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