Travelers ~ #fridayfictioneers ~ 4/11/14

This afternoon I watched Chase Jarvis interviewed Brené Brown on CreativeLive. The amount of wisdom packed into the hour of conversation between these two dynamos is immeasurable. There was a profound juxtaposition and balance between the creative expression of an introvert and extrovert in tandem. Read my tweets to see but a fraction of the wisdom that hit me square between the eyes.

Brene said “I’ve done nothing alone!” As creatives we work with others. She talked of the importance of vetting your work and finding a tribe, as they are the balm. I am ever grateful to the community of #FridayFictioneers and our fearless leader Rochelle. You are all the BALM that soothes my soul weekly.



It’s been a year since we donned backpacks, traveled the world and things began to blur.

We shot from the gate, young; full of hubris with little regard for where this life would take us.  Somewhere between meeting Amma and our last night in Amsterdam, I transformed- my soft focus sharpening.

I cannot pretend that your proposal under the streamers, Mallorca cobblestone beneath my feet wasn’t what I’d dreamed of upon embarking. For it was.

And I know you’re confused about why I walked away. You helped me want for more. And for that I’m eternally grateful.

With Love,


Word Count: 100


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40 thoughts on “Travelers ~ #fridayfictioneers ~ 4/11/14

  1. Such a realistic piece-I have seen it happen with a friend of mine who outgrew the person she was with and moved on-she is happily married with two kids and so is he :-)Very well written:-)

  2. Heartbreaking and tender. What a way to say goodbye. I’ve done this recently. Had to break the heart of my husband. A good man, but one I had forgotten how to love. He was my best friend, a partner in everything, but I couldn’t fake a love that wasn’t there anymore.

    Such sadness in your letter. Such sadness in the fact that love dies. I hope he was okay. I hope she found what she was looking for. So. Damn. Beautiful.

    Love, Renee

    • Thanks Renee- I too have learned that even love is often not enough to hold two people together and sometimes love fades. Walking away takes strength, in knowing what is right for you and you alone. To this you can attest.

      I too hope he’s okay and she finds what’s sought. I imagine they both recovered well. They are young. And the young tend to rebound quicker than us older souls. Or is it the other way around. 😉

  3. If I was a guy and received a letter like that, I think I’d be upset and it would end up in pieces. He’s got to be hurting deeply.My first boyfriend was angry when we broke up and I didn’t want to reconcile, even though he was the first to say he thought it was a good idea. I had moved on with my life. If they’re both young, they’ll probably move on with their lives. It’s good they found out the truth early. Good story and well written.

  4. Dear Dana,

    Tender and bittersweet. I love the last line, that he helped her want for more..although I’m not sure you need “for”. But that’s my opinion and you may do with it what you will. (We all have them, don’t we?)

    Beautifully written. And thank you for your lovely introduction. You and others are my weekly balm as well.



    • Rochelle- Perhaps you’re right. the “for more” seemed to add to the idea of yearning for the more. In my mind implying that she went out and got it. But i think I pay way to much attention to each and every little word. It seems superfluous now. Thanks as always D

  5. Just lovely, Dana. Poor guy — he’s helped her see that she wants more — not to be tied to him. That’s gonna sting.

    The only thing is the first line. Reads very awkwardly: It’s been a year since backpacks donned we traveled the world and things began to blur.

    I suggest: It’s been a year since we donned backpacks, travelled the world, and things began to blur.

    I think Janet suggested something like this, too. And Janet’s never wrong. You don’t want to get into a game of punnery with her, she’ll make you cry. My therapist won’t return my phone calls after our last bout.

    • Thanks Helena, Yes I fear it will sting for a time. But if he could attract one strong woman perhaps there will be another in his future. Alas he may not want to repeat the past. 🙂

      I love the correction. I agree it started awkwardly. And I will make sure to avoid a game of punnery with Janet. Not sure I can afford the extra therapy. My budgets tight enough these days. Or perhaps I just call you and cry on your shoulder. 😉

  6. A coming-of-age story, beautifully expressed in a letter that, as Rich said, he’ll probably cherish forever, thinking what he lost. I think if you inserted two commas, “since, backpacks donned, we traveled”, it would make for more clarity. Or even “since backpacks donned, we…” That’s my only quibble. 🙂


    • Janet, I wish I had come of age with as much knowingness and strength. And I like to think he’ll cherish the love of this woman. Just to know that even for a time it was his. P.S. I love quibbles. Thank you for the suggestions. I truly appreciate the correction. Dana

  7. I feel there is something in the festivities imaged in the streamers, and the seeming empyness of the courtyard pictured in the image that you capture well on your story. Very well written.

  8. Dana
    I love the journey you have taken us on with this; the line…my soft focus sharpening… defines the piece for me. There is also a dreamlike quality to it that I really like.


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