Creations Collaboration, My Sunday School

I assume you all read my Writer’s Process Blog post (ugh-hreehmm!). Therefore you’ve already met Mesayah. He is doing a 365 day poetry writing challenge but this time (yes, this is his second go around) he is soliciting artists to put their own expressive twist on his words, to unite in art. I sent him a recording- me reading one of his poems, Oh Vey! It needs more work, the perfectionist in me demands I try again. I really want to sing, so I’ve grand ideas of turning one of them into a song. But that would require other co-conspirators- so completely out of my wheel house. I also need help from any animators out there for an mini film of one of his pieces The Warmest Color is Blue. Yes my mind is turning.

Then yesterday he posted:

Day 40
Topic: Creations
Topic given by AB

From the spine of a fallen black raven
Lust was created in man
Carried as a burden
For centuries
lust became the creation of mad

Man then drank the spinal fluid raw
digested life
And man created themselves
In the image of a black raven
With stolen wisdom in its eyes


From which my Raven was born……

Raven wweb

This is my idea of Sunday School-artistic collaboration and inspiration. 

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