Is There A Difference? (a poem)

How many times did you die?

How many did they bring you back?

What drove you to the edge of steel?

                Your brother’s taunts

Your father’s indifference

                Your step fathers advances

Your mother’s indifference

                The numbness lost in cocaine

Your indifference

                Every time you lay on your back

Their indifference


Here in Florescent glow

I wait, awaiting

Wanting to know


You said it felt right

                as crimson poured out

You felt set free.

as you lay there

                nearly drained

                 Pain emptied

Your thoughts to me

You cried aloud

                Out Loud

My lack of indifference, Help!

Rising in your throat


So now tell me

Do you feel any different?


#NaPoWriMo- Day 5

9 thoughts on “Is There A Difference? (a poem)

  1. Very powerful, moving. It reminds me of bleak years as a teenager, trapped in a kind of netherworld of indifference and ennui, thinking the only way to feel alive was to die.

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