More six word Madness

Imagine this six word story. For some reason I think grocery lists make interesting short stories. Lists in general I suppose. A few weeks back I revisited 6 word stories prompted by Adam’s prompt.  And began with this.

Grocery List:

Now do you know what the intention is? Planning to commit suicide?  Perhaps they are hijacking a plane, simply shipping a package or tainting Halloween candy apples. But what if it read….

Grocery List:

Does this make the character, intent and story clearer? Is suicide off the table? Do you know more? I know I’m over thinking it all. No doubt, this is why I find 6 word stories so challenging and enjoy flash fiction as I do. One small change can change the entire meaning in the story.

Here are my other 6 word stories I wrote as warm-up before switched gears and posting my circus inspired personal ads. These are just random tidbits that have no category:

Introvert seeks acting teacher. Extroverts welcome.

Cat ate Canary. Birdseed was poisoned.

Your ego, my pride collided. Twins!

Inside my body rages your laws.

 Uncomfortable with silences he filled them.

Priest’s serpentine tongue licks forbidden fruit.

Facing the music, she changed channels.

It’s the circus we call family.

His pawn, I was wielded. Checkmate!

Cape at dry-cleaners. Bank Robbers Escape.

Dad’s blood flows through me. Leukemia?

Pickle jars needed for preserving bodies.

My cup runneth over then out.



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