My Life as a Musical in 3 Acts

As a thespian I can say there are days and moments when a character, a performance, meld with life so completely we are transformed. I used to say Theater Studies was the best therapy I ever had. But when this magic happens, this transformation into self, the results are often showstopping. And if you ask me this post sums up why it is so important we remember to be alive.

The Open Closet


Dear Readers,

I held onto my secret for a long time. Like any good performer, we pretend to be something until we actually are, or we become something else instead. It was my senior year in community college and I was working myself to death—trying to be the illusion that was expected of me to be. I did everything right. I got good grades, I held a part time job, I was always home early, everything a parent wants from their son—but, it was still never enough.


About this time, I landed the male lead in “Anything Goes” and had only just began rehearsals when I found out my grandfather passed away. I was devastated. I had to take a week off from the production to attend the funeral and make travel arrangements. I don’t know how I pushed through it, but, I spoke at his funeral, holding back the…

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