A BEVÉE of Beauties

I should probably start this post with a disclaimer. Though I fear this admonition will lessen the effect. DT Levy, affectionately known on my blog as DT² is my friend, a dear friend. So when I start cooing over her new business venture with partner Sash Muir I don’t want you to be dissuaded from the fact that these two ladies have developed an incredible product.

Bevee Bags

Because the fact is these ARE two dynamic powerhouses. DT Levy is an International Fashion Executive. And Sasha Muir is the co-founder of Butter London. Both of whom hold MBAs from INSEAD, France and are the epitome of Entrepreneur. The very definition of the women they design for- Powerful, fashionable and if you ask me fun.


(An aside: DT attended fashion design classes in order to develop her hands-on sewing skills. Product development class was mandatory in the program, yours truly the teacher. I sat face to face across the long glass conference table with a pier. One that no doubt had more experience then perhaps even I did. I encourage my students to interject any information they find relevant. The rest of those young ladies that day have no idea the wealth of invaluable information they received. It was the best PD class I ever taught, all due to DT. And the best part of it all was the blossoming of a great friendship.)

Now back to BEVÉE, I was lucky to be along for the ride from the beginning as this business partnership was formed. As their venture began and their product was born. And as DT² will tell you I don’t shy away from giving an opinion.

I certainly don’t want the fact that I developed the Quail toile art that lines their boxes to come off as self-promotion. But honestly I am damn proud of my work because it was hard earned. Here’s a little known fact: we had a glitch at the start. I began drawing snails, not quails. Soon the call came that I should be drawing quails. A BEVÉE is a after all a group of ladies or a flock of quails.


The French word harkens back to 15th century France when proper ladies would get together and sip tea and share stories. And as Sasha shared “there was no doubt a nip of the good stuff in there, too!” Call it the original girl’s night out. (A ritual I am becoming increasingly found of.) Well these lovelies would don the latest fashions including hats topped with delightful plumes. And it didn’t take long before these beauties were called BEVÉE,  which later became known of as a bevy of beauties.


So it was I began drawing the quail vignettes- little scenes of quails as girlfriends out on the town. Now I began using colorful and ornate images of the California quail, bright blue chest, striking black and white mask. Do you see the problem?

Bevee Quail Male

Coloration on a bird = male. Ugh…..now what? My drawings were nearly complete. But they had to be female in keeping with the line and message. So I reworked their faces removing the distinctive masks.

Next, I faced the trial and error of laying out the Toile. I have expressed in previous posts my belief that the French are sadist. Honestly I had no idea how much work went into these lovely groupings. As a child I simply saw the Toile wallpaper in out downstairs bathroom, my time out room, as a source of inspiration and escapism.

I have been fortunate to be hired by these two to draw not only the artwork that would adorn their boxes (that I secretly hope lines a bag one day), but also to create their heart plumed logo, mock-up business collateral (business cards and such) and create color stories. This is getting paid to do what you love. The cream as they say.

Bevee Boxes

Much like the product that they designed, by identifying a gap in the market, they saw a need for a line of handbags that did more for the modern woman. As they say, “We hope that BEVÉE — the brand – “gets you,” your fast paced life, and your love of fashion.  As today’s women, we’re complex without being complicated.  Between work, home, and play, our plates are full and we love it.  We adore fashion, but refuse to be slaves to trends.”

Their mission was “to create luxury handbags and accessories that are as brilliant, beautiful and versatile as the modern woman. With BEVÉE, there is no compromise.” I for one, say they have done just this with the BEVÉE line of luxury wallets-on-chains. These first two products, in what is bound to be an expansive line of handbags, may be small, but they pack a punch.

Called the 24/7 Sidekick- designed as the perfect accomplice, day and night. And I assure you this is so. They are versatile, smart, and sexy. As they say “Wear it, clutch it, stash it!”  Or ditch everything but the highly coveted detachable billfold (patent pending) and dash.

Warning: The hardest part will be deciding which style and color to choice.

bevee bags-colors continental


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