Housekeeping and Talking to the Future

Have you supported my friend Helena? No? Well, what are you waiting for? Get on over there.

With only three hours left you don’t want to miss out. Seriously you’ll be sorry. Even Amanda Palmer congratulated her efforts. Wait, What? You don’t know who that is. Shame on you. Google.

Now back to Helena. Like I said you don’t want to miss an opportunity to support a terrific artist. No really, I’m telling you so.  Besides, I know where you live and will hunt you down in the virtual world. No, not really. This is a secret alter ego fantasy where I’m Lisbeth.  But I digress.

Feel odd about giving money to a stranger? I could argue with you that an artist is never a stranger, but this might simply be my addiction to creative people filtering my response. But in case you’d like to meet her first. You know before buying her a cocktail or in this case funding her project you can go to Ask.FM and talk to her live.

Then please head on over to Helena’s kickstarter campaign. Go NOW and press the little green “back this” button. Go ahead, I’ll wait……da.dan.da.dan…

Whew! Now that you’ve joined the ranks of the uber cool I can move on. (You have right?)

The recruiter called me this morning. I’ve been missing her. So it was nice to actually hear her voice. If you’re new to my blog the recruiter is a girlfriend of mine recently relocated to Singapore for 2 years. Read this if you want to hear about our last night out together. Actually my last girl’s night out prior to the Bevee Launch Party that is.

It was 11pm her time, 8 am here. “I’m in the future” she said.

“Oh my God that’s true. I am talking to the future. So how’s my day going to be?”


Seriously this needs to go on my bucket list (which I don’t have) and get crossed off as done. I’ve talked to the future. I’ve also been in two places at once e.g. In a walk to remember when Landon takes Jamie to the state line. One foot here, one foot there-In two place at once. If I DID have a list THESE are the kind of things I want to have on it.

Well the recruiter and I caught up. I shared my recent brush with flirting. One that all my girlfriends feel I failed miserably. Which is true. I am woefully out of practice and he was just so darn adorable. Apparently there seems to be a consensus among my besties that it is my duty to allow them to live vicariously. I am supposed to get my groove back and share the joy. Yeah, no pressure there.

Forget the fact that I barely feel like I’m back in the land of the living. This weekend going glacially as I await my results on Monday. And as the True Poet and her hubbie, Salesman, remind me I’m on the other side of the looking glass now.

So the recruiter shared the adventures of Singapore. Finding a place to live and finally getting out of the hotel. The animosity for the Chinese. The lousy meat- steamed and slimy. (Ugh no). She has yet try the corn ice cream. Sounds interesting. But not nearly as much as her recent invitation out for an afternoon getting fish pedicures. That’s right, tiny little carp nibbling the dead skin of your toes. The recruiter was willing to try anything once. And as the beloved Dilettante (That’s the Helena you funded three paragraphs ago) says “It can’t be any worse than a Brazilian wax.”

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