Google is Genius

Google the purveyor of knowledge. Nah just my go-to search engine. As usual I was seeking images for color stories I am creating for a client. I peered up at the artwork to check out what amazing event took place today. Waitaminit! Is that a birthday cake? I ran my mouse over top and Happy birthday Dana arose. In my mind I wondered if I had some powerful programming friend out there sending me a special b-day message, hacking Google. I quickly recognized the silliness. Seriously I don’t have friends that cool, no Lisbeth Salander that I’m aware of.  I beleive I may need to remedy this forthwith.

No, the salutation was purely Google’s marketing genius. They would be the first to wish me Happy Birthday. Then I had a quiet, paranoid, big brother moment.

Okay so my friends already celebrated my increasing age with cake on Sunday. The Chef whipped up a SIBO friendly cake using recipes from two of my current favorite cookbooks. Truth me told, when it comes to b-days I’d just as soon pass right by the whole day. But they wouldn’t have it. So Yellow Cake from Comfy Belly and chocolate Buttercream Frosting from Against all grain it was. I think she substituted a coconut/palm oil for straight palm oil in the frosting. Since Palm is on the no-no list for SIBO and in between the layers she put a dark chocolate layer. Uh Yum! I have to admit I was worried how this new-fangled cake would taste. There was no need. It was delish!

photo (11)

I also found out a fellow blogger shares my b-day. (I say mine simply because I’m older then she is. ) She has decided to celebrate all week starting yesterday with a stellar soundtrack. Right up my alley. Imagine that! Check it out.

I have big week ahead of me including the launch party for my friend DT and her partner Sasha’s handbag line. Just wait till Friday…..there will be tons to share including the Quail Toile artwork I designed for them that currently lines their boxes. Seriously cute. Yes I do say so. Nothing wrong with be proud of what you create. Right?


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