The Patient Lovers ~ #fridayfictioneers ~ 2/14/14

I had a story preplanned. I mean its Valentine’s week after all. This one would be romantic. It had to be. I’d actually already written it. “Cheater Cheater” you cry. I know.

Then I saw this week’s prompt. It demanded its own words. I would have to begin from scratch. And so I did. Here is my 100 word entry for this week’s Friday Fictioneers hosted by the ever glorious Lady of the Lake, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.




The Patient Lovers

“Look Ms. Thomas”, Melany revealed new ink upon her shoulder, traveling remnant from Barcelona.

I was back in Art History class, Patrick’s black curls and cerulean eyes laughing from the first row. Black Irish he once explained. We spent endless hours upon my couch nestled over pitchers of Sangria, drinking love. He’d scroll sacred geometry, ball point pen in hand, upon my feet. I’d trace the golden ratios of his face in my sketchbook. We’d dream a life we’d build together in Cadaqués.

Now he was a tattoo artist in España, and I a NY Fashion Teacher, nearly our dream.

Word Count: 100


P.S. Please make sure to read the others.

Photo copyright – Janet Webb

39 thoughts on “The Patient Lovers ~ #fridayfictioneers ~ 2/14/14

  1. Utopia is always overrated. My wife constantly reminds me that the key to satisfaction in life is in learning to manage your expectations. At least the connection is still there. Realistic and somehow hopeful.

    Marie Gail

  2. Dear Dana,

    Sweet, romantic and sad. The what might have been will always be in her dreams. Makes me wonder why things didn’t work out for them.
    Just a suggestion…If it were me, I’d change the last line to present tense. “Now he IS a tattoo artist…”
    Aside from that…great descriptions and feel to this. Well done.



    • Thank you again Rochelle. I have tense issues. That may be the single greatest correction I’ve ever gotten on my writing. Oh that and comma abuse. Good thing there are no jails for word felons.

      I suspect in this moment she wonders the why as well. But perhaps all is not lost. She can always hop a plane and hope he isn’t married. 🙂

  3. How romantic. Dali’s Cadaqués, the land of dreams and if you don’t have any of your own, you can borrow images from his fantastic imagination. Cadaqués is the perfect destination for two artists and perhaps they’ll end up there. After all, they’re both perfecting their creative draftsmanship abilities with Patrick and his tats and our heroine with her fashion design. They can even use their skills to support themselves. Don’t give up on their dream yet.

    • Aw, You are my hero tonight. You got the reference to Dali’s home and the title I suspect. 😉 They have honed their craft and I like thinking perhaps there is another chapter in their tale. I won’t give up on them yet.Thanks VB

    • Yes Patricia so true. I temper my romanticism with the realism I earned in life. And sometimes the surprise is that the dream changes, sometimes it ends up bigger then you could have imagined.Thanks.

    • It already found a home in an other piece. Besides I really like the challenge of pushing myself (yes I know it’s only 100 words) each week to create something fresh. Thanks Liz

  4. I love the last line of this, how it shows the sacrifices we make to realize our personal dreams. Why is it that people get cast aside like that? Sad.

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