Tricks for Getting Through the Day

I don’t make a habit of reblogging. I think in four years of running this site I have only done it once. But sometimes along this journey we get a glimpse into the human spirit, into its soulful expression. We are all walking a path through this incarnation, searching for answers to the larger questions (at least I am) and hopefully finding a few along the way. If we are lucky we impact another person’s lives. And in that vein I present Sreejit Poole along the road he is traveling.

The Seeker's Dungeon

photo credit: Sreejit Poole photo credit: Sreejit Poole

I merely compartmentalized you,
don’t take offense.
As evidenced in the holding of my breath,
it was necessary.
I sent you to that part of my brain marked as,
‘deal with later.’

There are many boxes
for the many emotions
that I don’t want to show on my face,
from the irate
to the sentimental
to the,
‘I need more air to breathe to deal with you.’
Some filed under,
‘won’t make me happy,’
and others,
‘will make me wildly scream.’
Some I file under
‘I’d love to have coffee with you,’
but most I put
on the other side,
the side that needs a lullaby
to keep from crying at night,
just thinking about the things
that I hide.

I compartmentalized you,
it doesn’t mean a thing,
except that I
systematically stripped you of your humanity,
and left you with
only what you mean to…

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