Estate Sale ~ #fridayfictioneers ~ 2/7/2014

The weekly flash fiction challenge of writing a 100 word story is upon me. Please make sure to read the other writer’s contributions. And if you’re inspired please join the wild adventure called Friday Fictioneers. You can find the rules on the site of our gracious host Rochelle.

Estate Sale

They started inside her front door lined up like an airport runway. I traced luminescent stepping stones up the staircase to her bedroom.

“Come in Baby”. No matter how quietly I crept I could never surprise her. She’d a sixth sense for my presence- said she could feel my love coming.

Upon her bed I cradled her frail head, tenderly stroking the soft skin of her underarm. Comforting me like the satin edging on her bathrobe always had.

“What’s with the lamps?”

“They keep the demons at bay.”


“Hush child. It’s time to go. The light will protect me.”

Word Count: 100



54 thoughts on “Estate Sale ~ #fridayfictioneers ~ 2/7/2014

    • Thank you. I have a girlfriend that used to rub the stain edging on her mother’s robe to self sooth. Sometimes she would even be found on the floor of the closet snuggling with it.

    • Russell I liked the idea of the light trail n the way into her house and on her way out of this world. As for feeling love coming- I used to think my grandmother had love radar and she thought we were bundles of it. Thanks.

  1. WOW! This story is so moving! I love the “feel the love coming.” Really a sweet story and I hope my grandchildren someday have fond memories of me like this. Special times. Thanks, Nan

    • Oh Ron. Yours was one of my favs this week. I had considered something involving throwing lamps at each others head.But in the end went for the soft, tender, quiet connection of two intimate souls.

    • Thank Rochelle. A little tender moment people loving souls. Just the way I like it. Dana

      P.S. remind me. Thinking of me while you swim was a good thing right. I didn’t talk about sharks again did I? 😉

      • Dear Dana,

        Yes, thinking of you when I swim is a very good thing. You once mentioned in a comment that the water is your sanctuary. That’s exactly how I feel. Swimming and writing are my two favorite things in the world.



      • Water is my sanctuary. Now I remember. 🙂 Wouldn’t life be heavenly if we could live by the water and swim and write all day. I think I’ve just come up with my retirement plan. Now I just have to figure out what to do with myself over the next 25 or so years. Ugh!

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