Weekend ~ 1/24/14 ~ Early Exit


I know it’s Thursday! But I’m off early. I have a girlfriend coming to visit this weekend before she heads to Singapore to work for two years and frankly I plan to give her my uninterrupted time. I suspect no one cares much. If you do,well……..

Last weekend I attended a seminar on SIBO via webcast. I was not ready to make the drive to PDX (Portland)- so internet attendance it was. The seminar proved to be a wealth of information. I’m a hands-on girl when it comes to understanding what is going on in my body. I loved every minute of the conference even all the medical bits that went over my head. And I gained a lot of knowledge- Including the reality that on the scale of things I’ve got it pretty good. Not to mention I may already know more than most about my diagnosis. Ha, help us all.

On Monday I made my way to our local co-op to suss out what they have to offer. After which I’ve been making some staples for my kitchen- Ketchup, mayonnaise. I also made my own batch of Tea Vodka and simple (honey) syrup for a cocktail or two when ready (hopefully soon). I planned on making sweet tea but decided instead to sweeten my individual cocktail as I go. Oh and I discovered my invention of the Tealight was nothing new. According to the Firefly vodka website it is called the  Southern. I plan to live in denial on this one and go on believing it is my invention.

I keep discovering websites and new recipes to change and adapt to my new dietary restrictions. Eventually I will get around to posting some of my creations. This week I’m digging Arrabiata Bolognese on spaghetti squash and my morning smoothie of almond milk (made with a quick easy method shared over the weekend), lactose free Kefir, dates and wee bit O’ honey.  After talking with my co-worker about her daughter’s struggles with Celiac and my time talking to fellow SIBO sufferers I think I need to create Buddy Bellies- A support group for food challenged individuals. See how PC I was there?

I finished the Toile fabric design and the packaging is being manufactured as we speak. Let me just say OMG I love it. Yes I realize that is completely boastful. But the mock-up is darling. I can’t share just yet- Top secret and all that.

Okay must run. I have some cleaning to do. Have a good weekend.


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Listening to this song makes me want to………….dance.

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