Monday Meditation ~ That Which is Indestructible


Monday snuck up on me unawares. My iphone had to be reset this weekend, rolled back to ground zero. And of course the one action I needed to take in the rebuilding escaped my mind, which seems somewhat addles these days. I failed to reset my alarm clock. Luckily for me today is trash day. So the early passing beep beep beep riled me from my warm cocoon.

Then heading out the door my yogurt fell from aloft its precarious perch-balancing above my salad and dressing containers. Shattering upon impact yogurt expelled across the stoop and roommate’s car. A quick clean up I headed back inside for my backup yogurt.

On the drive into work I noticed what appeared to be a little puncture in the lid. Now being raised in the era of razor blades in caramel apples, in the age when neighbors could still handout baked goods for Halloween, I was taught to inspect my food before digestion. So this was a red flag. Not to mention I was already dizzy this morning with slight double vision, another red flag.

Paranoia set in. Had that been there when I bought it? Or could it have been created in my fridge or somewhere upon transport. I had two choices as I saw it. Throw out another $3 yogurt or dive in. I threw caution to the window and ate it. Okay so full disclosure- only after removing the lid and upon close inspection realizing it hadn’t punctured the seal completely. I didn’t get too far from my childhood programming. Besides I find myself a wee bit more cautious these days as I nurse my solitary kidney.

I’m back to work which is filling my days up and not being at full strength my evenings aren’t as productive as they once were. That said, I need to find the energy this evening to finish the quail toile layout for my friends handbag line. They need to deliver the pattern to the printers. I have a little research to do on how to create a pattern for repeat in wallpaper. And I don’t over exaggerate when I say my git-up and go is low. But this is for a friend (motivation 1) and honestly I like the idea of my quails getting printed. I put a lot of work into them and frankly I’m proud. So if you have any tips for creating repeat patterns for printers please share. Back to work I go. Oh wait I should leave you a little Monday Meditation.


Image: Alice in Wonderland- Grace Coddington, Annie Leibovitz- Curious and Curiouser

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