Weekend ~ 1/10/14

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My energy returns just as I’ve had to get back to the office for Year End report production. So each day this week I made my way into the city lasting about 5 hours before exhaustion got the upper hand. Of course I’d  rather be home on my bed, laptop in hand, clacking away upon the keys. No such luck.

I have been wearing sweatpants since I still can’t take a waistband across my incision scar. But frankly that is getting tedious. I prefer to look less like a Sunday Slouch (which is my favorite outfit BTW) and more professional for clients. So I have begun creating outfits with yoga pants and leggings. The above image is a little Ralph Lauren loveliness for inspiration once I graduate.

Before I went into surgery I was in the mad rush of trying to get a handle on my diagnosis of SIBO and the subsequent food requirements that accompanied it. Overnight I needed a dietitian/nutritionist degree. Suddenly everything I ate had to be cooked from scratch and I hadn’t been in the kitchen for years. Yikes! Additionally everything needed tweaking and substitutions. So a chemist degree would also have come in handy for recipe conversions- honey for sugar, alternate flour etc.

Thankfully I am not the first to fall into this chasm. So I did what I do best scoured the web. And found this fantastic resource, Comfy Belly. (She’s a Seattleite to boot). The recipes I plan to try from her site are numerous. I’ve already begun making Banana Ice Cream, okay so it’s just pureed frozen banana. I added a little Greek yogurt and honey. Surprisingly delightful and satisfying treat.

I also tried Dr.Oz’s bloat busting banana smoothie-very similar recipe. BTW even with a Vitamix blender the dates didn’t quite break up enough and I since I didn’t have almond milk on hand I used coconut water and a titch of L&A Coconut Pineapple juice. Good stuff.

Now back to Comfy Belly. This is a gal after my own heart. Doughnut, brownie, cake recipes. All made with ingredients I can tolerate. My sweet tooth may find some satisfaction after all. The cookie monster and the snack fiend will be soothed into remission. She also posts some basic instructions for baking with almond flour, baking with coconut flour, and baking with honey which are invaluable. As well as basic recipes like how to make mayonnaise, and homemade ketchup (yes I need this).

As I began navigating this road of healthy alternative foods I discovered the best coconut milk ever, Aroy-d 100% pure. This turns out to be a well known secret of many. So craving a mug of chocolate coconut milk (my winter indulgence) I returned to the store for more and as luck would have it when I returned they were sold out at all outlets. Aaargh! Again I took to the internet to buy. I have found some other great resources online for SDC approved ready-made foods, Digestive Wellness.

As soon as I have more physical strength and stamina I plan to head out to the shed and dive into my boxes of kitchen supplies. I need a few items now that I am cooking again. The photo of the chocolate coconut Pot de Creme is an example of a recipe I plan to convert. I think I need to make a lemon Meyer version as well. I also want to alter all my favorite childhood recipes one by one to versions I can eat. Starting with an easy one-forget-me-not cookies, our version of chocolate chip meringues. These recipes may even become new weekend posts. We shall see.

Have a fabulous weekend. See you all on Monday.


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