Weekend ~ 1/3/14~ Late night ramblings

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I still don’t want to write about the hospital. I do, but I don’t. 2013 was a rough year in my family. First my father was diagnosed with Leukemia, next my niece is irrevocably injured, then my own kidney cancer and finally on New Year’s Eve my Aunt learned she has an inoperable brain tumor.

 The trouble is we think we have time, Jack Kornfield eloquently reminds us.

My sleep schedule has been off since I returned home. I sleep from 4am-10am most nights. I’ve always been a night owl and when left to my own devises, with no need to awake and go to work, I revert to my natural cadence.

I love foreign films. I suppose I always have, though I hate subtitles. Reading them I miss the subtle nuisances of nonverbal communication, the moments that fully flush out the meaning between two people. In the silences there is so much to be learned.

Tonight I fell upon a Danish film “Den skaldede frisør” Love is All you Need. Romantic melancholy, exactly the prescription I desired, cancer and love, loss and family dysfunction, romance for adults. I can’t imagine kids would care to see Pierce Brosnan and his greying temples fall softly in love. I found it delightful, for its promise of another life, a fresh start, inside Ida’s optimism and kindness. 

The largest living organism in the World is Pando, a quaking Aspen grove in Utah. Imagine trees covering 600 acres of land weighing more than 6000 metric tons and 80,000 years old. These trees spanning this large area were thought to be disconnected, separate, when indeed they aren’t. They are one giant organism with a single root system, clones connected.

As a girl I wanted to be able to speak every language in the world instantly and fluently. If I could choose one; omnilingualism would be my super power. I was assured years ago while online dating that such a superpower exists. As a matter of fact many superheroes have some form or another of this ability. I want to possess the full meal deal.

I stumbled up an author. New to me but by no means the literary world, John Green. His young adult novels revolving around quirky male protagonists are my newest obsession. I have crushes on his characters, odd, quirky, flawed and fabulous, each one fitting together like a strange puzzle. Seriously it’s love.

In Looking For Alaska the main character was obsessed with people last words. Like Pardonnez-moi, monsieur. Je ne l’ai pas fait exprès. Marie Antoinette said “Pardon me, sir. I did not do it on purpose”, as she stepped on the foot of her executioner. He in turn took her head.

In An Abundance of Katherines Colin, not to be confused with the Other Colin (you have to read the book), was into anagrams. Dana C Thomas (Can Tom dash?, Shaman Toad, A Hand’s Atom, A Damn Shoat, Hast A Nomad, A stand as Ohm, Dams An Oath, As A torn hand, To Shaman ad,  Aha and Toms, Had Moans at, A Nomad’s hat). Oh and the math of dumper/dumpee.      Like I said you have to read the book.

Now I must read The Fault in Our Stars staring the incomparable Hazel. In April of this year history was made when a single kidney was in three people. A sister donated it to her brother who rejected it due to his illness and it was then transplanted in another man. Kind of odd and nifty but I’m going to keep my other kidney.

I drove into the office today just to make a test run when there is no traffic. I go back to work on Monday. For at least as long as I last, then I’ll simply do the rest of my work from home.

4am has arrived. Guess it’s time for bed and dreams. For I want to lie in the grass and be enveloped by a night sky lit with fireflies. I want to soak in a torrential downpour warm as a morning shower. I want to fall asleep to a symphony of crickets or frogs. Either will do really. Till Next week!


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2 thoughts on “Weekend ~ 1/3/14~ Late night ramblings

  1. Hello Dana…. I hope you are coping. I’m sorry that things don’t seem to be letting up for you in the life-crisis department, but I am glad to see that you are taking some joy in things — I’ve head nothing but good things about John Green, but haven’t delved in his writing, yet.
    All the best to you and yours.

    • Helena, John writes young adult novels so there was nothing earth shattering in the life learning department. At least not for us old farts who’ve been around the block a few. But the young characters are well worth a read.

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