Auld Lang Syne-2014 Beckons

2014 diptic

2013 is coming to a close; New Year’s Eve is upon us and the New Year just around the bend. And what a hard year it has been for me. I dare to hope that 2014 will have an easier trajectory.

I’ve always had rituals/ceremonies I like to do each year as I reflect, culling the events that have shaped me. I purge all my emotional baggage, cluttered thoughts and complaints out onto paper and then burn it, releasing it back to the Universe. Then I set my intentions for the upcoming year. I make a list on paper and seal it in an envelope for the end of the year. The previous year’s list gets burned along with the emotional purge. My friend Rob has written a great post sharing his own write and burn method. Make sure to read it if you want a little evolutionary exercise.

The funny thing about this year is I left every ounce of emotional baggage I had on the 6th floor of the Silver Wing of Evergreen Hospital. There is nothing left in me to let out, nothing to burn. And as I sat down to create my list of intentions for 2014 I have but one basic direction, focus- Healing. It is odd how life shrunk down to so single an idea. The grand expansive list I had 3 weeks ago seems to have disappeared. Perhaps as the year progresses I will find my mojo and momentum will return. I did have big plans before life hooked a left on me.

So whether you have just recently stumbled upon my blog or have been following me for some time I wish you a very Happy New Year. Welcome to my blog. I hope to return to posting with gusto very soon. And as often promised, to arrive with more of what you seem to love the most, Croquis. What sparked the creation of this blog at inception has fallen to the wayside of writing. So perhaps more drawing is in order. But tonight I have big plans of playing bridge while still convalescing, though I like this idea of a Feminist movie night.

However you ring in the New Year do so with passion and I will see you all in 2014!