If The Sun Never Rises ~ #fridayfictioneers ~ 12/6


Copyright –Randy Mazie

If the Sun Never Rises

We’d grown alongside one another for ages, never moving too close, allowing the other to breathe. Deepening over the years ours had become a partnership. Now that the building was condemned we’d be separated either by death or relocation. No one was going to keep us together.

Knowing our time slight I spread out stretching my branches towards him. Wrapping him tight for whatever time we’d left. Passersby simply noticed the misspelled graffiti above our heads. They didn’t realize the unrelenting passion shared.  Never noticed the message inherent in our nature or they’d have written “love like there’s no tomorrow”.

Word Count: 100


I had planned to take liberty with this week’s Friday Fiction. Since I will be out of commission for a week, perhaps two, maybe more, I was going to double up on my stories. Really I’d written two and didn’t want to pick one. But I decided to remain true to the format and choose. That’s what a good editor needs to do. Right? Please feel free to criticize. I appreciate it. And absolutely make sure to read other Fictioneer’s Works

4 thoughts on “If The Sun Never Rises ~ #fridayfictioneers ~ 12/6

  1. I love this story Dana. I hope that you’re well, and that you get the care that you need. I always look forward to hearing from you!

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