The Perfect Fit ~ #fridayfictioneers ~ 11/29


Copyright – Ted Strutz


The Perfect Fit

“I almost missed the ferry and snagged the very last booth.”

“Because they’re the best, right Mommy?”

“Right”, Claire replied stroking Molly’s curls.


“He asked to share and we started talking. It felt like we’d known each other forever.”

“And he pulled out a puzzle just like this.”

“Yes, just like this. Piece by piece, fitting like a glove, we knew. Neither of us wanted it to end so we rode the ferry back and forth all day.”


‘Yes Sweety?’

“And that’s how you picked out Daddy.”

Claire smiled, kissing Molly’s forehead as the ferry left the dock.
Word count: 100


Here in Seattle Ferrys are common. One of my bosses once suggested I ride the ferry if I wanted to meet a man. Apparently they are quite the hot spot for matchmaking. Though as a married man I’m not sure whether to trust his intel. And as a little girl I remember asking my mom to tell me over and over again about how she met my Dad. About how they fell in love. As if that very story explained me. When I saw Ted’s photo these two thoughts collided and I imagined a perfect day riding the ferry back and forth with no care in the world other then getting to know a man I’d just met but felt like I’d known my entire life.

47 thoughts on “The Perfect Fit ~ #fridayfictioneers ~ 11/29

    • Yes it does have a bit of fairy dust. Trying to write something without personal pain of any kind tends to tip my to romantic fairy tale land. I suppose I need a fix for my sweettooth. Thanks.

    • Yes a fairy tale indeed but a lovely one. A friend challenged me to write a story with less pain and personal loss. So I let the romantic out of her tower just long enough to accomplish the task.

  1. This is so lovely, Dana! I am from the Seattle area as well (Bellingham) and for me, any day on the ferries is a special day. I love what you’ve done with this… such a sweet, meaningful story. The dialogue is very fresh and real, and I really enjoyed the personal aside, explaining your story. Well done!

    • Dawn~ I love Bellingham. I just took myself up there for a weekend getaway a month or so ago and braved a rare night out of karaoke. Ted said this was indeed the inter island Ferry through the San Juans so it is no wonder we both instantaneously recognized it. I am so glad you like this one. I have been promising a girlfriend I would express my sweeter, softer side in a FF write. This was definitely it.

  2. Lovely! I live in the Seattle area too (Bellingham!) and immediately had some thoughts when I saw what clearly looks like a WA ferry. Any day on the ferries, for me, is a happy day. I really love the story you’ve woven here, Dana… the romance in such a magical place. Thanks for the sweet explanation as well. Wonderful post! Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. A Perfect Storm of Stories! Such a perfect response to the photo… I’m sure that has happened. This is the Evergreen State, currently the inter-island ferry in the San Juans.

    • I hope this has happened. I imagine it has. When i saw your photo I knew I’d been there. The Ferry through the San Juans is my fav. Only second to going all the way to Victoria. You made me want to get in the car and drive for the ferry today. Thanks Ted

  4. It’s those last minute panics – the rush onto the ferry – that leads us into behaviour outside our normal routine. Doing something different, that’s when the magic happens. Your story is so happy it makes me smile.

    • Mike- “so happy it makes you smile” is a glowing endorsement. I have a friend convinced I can’t write a story without some personal pain in it. Ha! by god I think she’s done it. Thanks.

  5. Dear Dana,

    This was a lovely story, replete with a little history and a lot of love. Thanks for sharing. I used to ride the ferry from Bremerton to Seattle on weekends for several months. Ted’s photo brought back many memories.



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